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Forne the Archheretic, was a powerful Chaos Psyker who sought possession of the Rogue Psyker Vosis Pyel, who was in hiding on the Imperium Frontier world Zarona. In order to claim Pyel without risking himself, Forne posed as a Rogue Trader and offered a deal with a Radical Inquisitor he knew of - in return for the Inquisitor capturing Pyel for him, Forne would trade the Inquisitor and his retinue an aretfact they had been seeking, once he had possession of the psyker. The Radical Inquisitor agreed, and traveled to Zarona, where he rescued Pyel from the clutches of a Puritanical Inquisitor who had planned to kill the untrained Psyker. Once he received word of Pyel's capture, Forne used his powers to disguise his corrupted form, and landed upon Zarona to take possession of the psyker, when the Puritanical Inquisitor arrived to stop him and recapture Pyel. Before a battle could break out between them however, an Eldar Ranger suddenly appeared and killed Pyel, before escaping as the Inquisitors and Forne stood dumbstruck. Seeing the prize he had sought killed right in front of him, sent Forne into a rage that caused him to lose control of his powers and reveal his corrupted form to the shocked Inquisitors; who quickly opened fire upon him.[1]