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Frag grenade

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A frag grenade

Frag grenades (or fragmentation grenades) are small, anti-personnel grenades, exploding in a hail of thousands of tiny and deadly shards of metal,[3] the effect being to deny an enemy the benefits of any cover as they are assaulted.

Construction and Detonation

Frag Grenades are very simple in design and effect, consisting of a central explosive core with a fuse inserted, wrapped by iron or ceramic bands, and further covered by a sheathing. Upon detonation, irregular chunks of the casing and bands are propelled at high velocity into the nearby surrounding area. Often, the normal time delay fuse is removed in favor of a more sophisticated movement-sensitive detonator for use in a booby trap. They are cheap and require only a very low minimum tech base to manufacture, and are standard throughout all the forces of the Imperium.[Needs Citation]

They are constructed as roughly the size of a clenched fist and covered with a notched shell to both create more shrapnel upon detonation and to also provide a secure throwing grip.[1] The radius of the explosion of a frag grenade - is approximately 3 meters.[2] The opposite of the frag grenade would be the krak grenade, which explodes or implodes in a very concentrated area, allowing it to crack open tank and vehicle armour.[Needs Citation]

Effects and Distribution

Frag grenades give their users an advantage when assaulting enemies in cover. Most units in Imperial armies can be armed with them and many other armies make use of weapons having the same general effect.[Needs Citation]
Frag grenades carried by a Stormtrooper.

Other Types of Anti-personnel Grenades

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