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Fury Unrelenting

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Fury Unrelenting are a set of vambraces that can be fitted onto a suit of Astartes power armour or artificer armour, used by the Storm Wardens. These vambraces were salvaged from the ruined armour of a Battle-Brother of the Storm Wardens during an engagement by the Chapter against a Tau battlegroup. He survived the barrage brought to bear against his squad by Broadside battlesuits and charged the position held by the heavy guns, alone. In vengeful rage, his Sacris Claymore shattered by the barrage, he assaulted his foes with just his armoured fists, but his furious blows were enough to bring down the two suits in the fire team before he was slain in a hail of plasma. The instruments of his fury were miraculously undamaged after his assault, and they were repaired and gifted to the Deathwatch so that their fury against the alien might serve a wider theatre.[1]