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Gaius is a Magos Explorator who was sent to the planet Kronus by the Adeptus Mechanicus, shortly before the Dark Crusade, to discover the fate of Magos Paladius, who had disappeared on the planet millenia ago. Gaius arrived on the planet with advance elements of an Imperial Guard taskforce, which would later become the 1st Kronus Regiment, and immediately began his search of Paladius, who had been sent there shortly after the Horus Heresy; to oversee study of the great Hellstorm Cannon recovered from the Imperator Titan Aquila Ignis, after it fell to heretics[1a]. While he searched for Paladius, Gaius discovered many examples of lost STC, which he reported in his communiqués with his fellow Explorator Magos Cumin[1a][1b][1c][1d], and found evidence of the war that had been fought on Kronus between the Ultramarines and Word Bearers during the Horus Heresy[1d]. It is not known if Gaius discovered Paladius' ultimate fate or even if he survived the war that soon engulfed Kronus.[1]