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Gerard Bergen

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Major General Gerard Bergen was a high-ranking officer of Imperial Guard 18th Army Group Exolon during its mission to Golgotha, designated Operation Thunderstorm.


This page contains spoilers for: Gunheads (Novel)

Of all the officers on Supreme Commander deViers's general staff, Bergen was probably the most level-headed, and most popular with the lower-ranked officers and troopers. He was therefore the least deceived about the fact that their mission was pointless and suicidal.

Ironically, General deViers took a great liking to Bergen, imagining him to be a kindred spirit and a likely protege. He confided to Bergen about his dreams of achieving posterity with the success of the mission. Bergen was troubled by this glimpse of deViers's obsession, but kept his doubts to himself.

Suspicious of the Adeptus Mechanicus adepts accompanying the expedition, Bergen detailed his adjutant, a trained scout, to eavesdrop on them. Bergen was devastated when his aide disappeared before the Army Group's next mobilization. He could never prove it, but was sure the adepts had murdered the man.

During the final battle, in the midst of a huge Ork encampment, Bergen abandoned his restraint and shouted at deViers for letting the Mechanicus manipulate him to lead the entire Army Group to destruction.

Against all expectations, the Fortress of Arrogance was found, as the command vehicle of the Ork Warboss. The super heavy tank decimated the Guards' tanks and troops, but deViers ordered his troops to stop firing on it, too afraid of destroying it.

Fortunately, Sergeant Oskar Wulfe of the Cadian 81st Armoured chose his own "interpretation" of deViers' orders, and targeted his Leman Russ's battle cannon on the Warboss (who was riding atop the tank's hull). Wulfe's shot was enough to prompt Bergen to override deViers' orders and direct all fire in the area on the tank, which quickly disabled it and fatally wounded the Warboss.

DeViers had threatened to have Bergen shot for insuboordination, but never carried out this threat, since deViers was killed first by the dying Warboss.

Bergen was evacuated along with the remains of the Army Group.