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The Gladius is a type of combat knife used by most Space Marines as a basic close combat weapon.[1] They are most frequently used as a sidearm by the Ultramarines Chapter as well as the Adeptus Custodes, Imperial Fists[Needs Citation] and also the Deathwatch that have its own improved variant of this weapon.[4]

After his recruitment to the Knights-Errant, Tylos Rubio was forced to divest himself of his Ultramarines livery, including his power armour. However, as a concession to his feelings, Nathaniel Garro arranged for him to be given a power sword patterned after a Gladius, reminding Rubio of his former Legion.[2]


Tylos Rubio carrying a power sword deliberately patterned after an Ultramarines-pattern Gladius.[2][3]
Sergeant Aeonid Thiel carrying a Heresy-era Gladius in his left hand, and an electromagnetic longsword in his right.[4]