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Gregor Vash

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Gregor Vash was the Captain of the 1st Kronus Regiment's Second Company, during the Dark Crusade on the planet Kronus[1a]. He led the Second Company in the defense of the Regiment's stronghold, Victory Bay, during the Blood Ravens Chapter's assault. After Governor-Militant Lukas Alexander was killed and the Regiment's command structure was destroyed by the Space Marines, Vash would take command of the remnants of the Regiment and directed them to defend the Hellstorm Cannon; part of Victory Bay's defensive capabilities. Despite the Guardsmen standing steadfast in the Blood Ravens' ferocious assault, Vash soon realized the Space Marines would claim victory; and rather than allow the Canon to fall into the rebellious Blood Ravens' hands, ordered a Tech-Priest to overload the weapon's core. The resulting explosion killed Vash, as well as the Imperial Guard and Space Marines fighting nearby.[1b]