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Hakeem was a Captain of the White Scars during the Great Crusade and Horus Heresy.


After the Warp Storms that ripped through the Imperium following the Battle of Isstvan III, Hakeem and his men became separated from their main fleet and met up with a refugee convoy led by the loyalist World Eater Macer Varren. They eventually made their way into the Sol System, where they were confronted by Nathaniel Garro, Tylos Rubio, and the Custodes Khorarinn who wished to determine their loyalty.[1a]

Hakeem got along quite well with the distrustful Khorarinn, since unlike Varren, Captain Rakishio and Khorarinn's own companion Nathaniel Garro, his Legion had not turned against the Emperor. This proved to be deadly for the Custodian, when Hakeem revealed that he was loyal to Horus Lupercal. One of his techmarines faked a holo-capture that implicated Rakishio and his loyalists from the Emperor's Children in an attack on one of the refugee convoy's ships.[1b] Under the pretext of assisting Khorarinn with placing the Emperor's Children under arrest, Hakeem and his men lured them into a trap and gunned all of them down. His men also killed the loyalist World Eaters of Varren's company who had accompanied him.[1c]

Confronting the three Knights Errant in the hold of the frigate Daggerline, Hakeem expressed his desire to "push back" against a bloated Terran bureaucracy, but was forced to admit he and his men represented a minority within the White Scars Legion, whose primarch, Jaghatai Khan, and the majority of Space Marines, remained loyal to the Emperor. After a vicious duel with Garro and Varren, Hakeem lost an eye, but nonetheless held the upper hand. As he was about to finish the loyalists off, Rubio seized Khorarinn's teleport homer and transported himself and his companions to the battleship Nolandia. Before Hakeem and his men could escape the frigate, it was destroyed by the Nolandia's weaponry, at Varren's order.[1c]