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Harakoni Warhawks

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Uniform Basic Data Miniature
Harakoni Warhawk.jpg
- Harakoni Warhawks -
Homeworld: Harakon
Regiment Name: Harakoni Warhawks
Specialities: Drop troops

The Harakoni Warhawks are an Imperial Guard Drop Regiment from the planet Harakon.

Recruitment & Training

Skills learned by the Harakoni using grav-gliders for transport and to hunt Vapour wyrms on their native homeworld translates to a fearlessness of altitude and expertise at judging air currents, knowledge necessary for their role as drop troops.[1b]

Battle Style

The Harakoni are a highly-mobile force thanks to their use of grav-chutes to deploy from orbit wherever they are needed. They are notable for using Stormtroopers, Heavy Weapons Platoons and Special Weapons Squads.[1b] Besides Elysians, they are one of the rare troops that can land from the Valkyries using Grav-chute method of descending.[2]

Appearance & Uniform

The Harakoni wear black fatigues underneath tan Carapace Armour with rebreathers.[1b]

Weapons & Equipment

These units prefer to use Plasma Guns and Heavy Bolters, and make use of folding-stock lasguns.[1b]

Notable Regiments

Notable Members

  • Colonel Yris Aikino - Commander of the 32nd. Scratched into his personal lasgun is the phrase 'retalla mire allek' in the Konndar dialect of Harakon, also translated as 'kill or be killed' in Low Gothic. Led the 32nd in their attack on Shardenus Prime, and was the first Harakoni to land upon the walls. Killed in action on Shardenus.[7b][7c]

Notable Campaigns & Engagements

  • The Fall of Medusa V[1a]
  • Harakoni and Elysian regiments deployed to Antorro system after communications blackout amid sightnings of the Space Hulk Agony of the Damned in-system.[5]
  • The invasion of Magdelene IX.[3b]
  • Purging of Contqual - The 32nd Harakoni Warhawks were part of the Imperial Guard force that aided the Iron Hands in their campaign of cleansing against the Chaos tainted Contqual sub-sector. During the final battle for Shardenus, 2 battalions from the 32nd were honoured with the first strike against the principle Hive of Shardenus Prime, tasked with creating a breach in the wall for fellow Imperial Guard regiments to follow. Unfortunately, many of the defense towers that were supposed to have been destroyed by saboteurs were still intact, and the Harakoni suffered grievous losses before they could even touch down. Those that did established a beachhead on the wall and attempted to push out, but were overwhelmed by the numbers of men the heretics brought to bear. Even though the Harakoni died to a man during the attack, the Iron Hands used the opportunity to launch their own attack, penetrating deep into the Hive.[7b][7c]
  • Siege of the Fenris System - Cleared Svenngard's core islands from the initial daemonic invasion alongside elements of the Space Wolves, Iron Hands, and Ultramarines.[4]
  • Extremis Six - 998th Harakoni Warhawks deployed alongside other Imperial Guard airborne regiments such as the 352nd Elysian Drop Troops, 142nd Etharic Seraphs, and Militarum Tempestus allies to Extremis Six to enact vengeance upon warbands of Emperor's Children and the Traitor Titan Legion Riotous Host for the murder of the planet's population. Lucius the Eternal was also sighted upon the planet, along with unconfirmed reports of the Daemon Primarch Fulgrim.[6]

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