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Gunnery Sergeant Harker[1]

Gunnery Sergeant "Stonetooth" Harker is a squad leader of the Catachan 2nd Jungle Fighters Regiment, filled with the elite units known as "Catachan Devil Squads". Feared and famed for his strength and endurance, he is so exceptionally resilient that all who have served with him believe that the creature who can kill him simply has not yet come into being.


All Catachans have a reputation for being tough, but Harker is perhaps the hardest of them all. While a rumour claiming he chews glass instead of tobacco might be false, he has certainly been known to place his hands into the fire and ignore it, and easily shrug off blade cuts or gunshot wounds. For Harker, pain and bleeding are concerns for weak soldiers[1].

Sergeant Harker is a giant of a man, even by Catachan standards, his large frame covered with slabs of muscle and sinew. His strength is such that he carries his Heavy Bolter, "Payback," as easily as a normal man might carry a rifle, without even breaking a sweat[1][2][3].

There is not a single aspect of war that Harker has not mastered, from rescue missions to assassination, from reconnaissance to demolitions. His squad members are exceptional even among their fellow Catachans, composed of the regiment's bravest veterans. Their particular mission is usually to conduct long-range penetration raids deep behind enemy lines, responsible for bearing the brunt of the enemy's response when battle is finally joined[1][2][3].

One famous example of his bravery was during a battle against Tyranids on the twilight world of Jorn V, where his squad was assaulted by a pack of Raveners bursting from beneath the black ground. Within seconds, his ammunition loader was torn apart by monstrous claws while the rest of his squad were trying their best to stay alive. Without missing a beat, Harker leapt onto the back of the closest beast and crushed its neck between his monstrous biceps, despite the beast's frenzied efforts to buck him off. Harker then smoothly grabbed up Payback and shot down the rest of the pack, alien bodies bursting apart in a shower of ichor. Seeing that all his comrades were dead, he stalked off to find the rest of the company[1][3].


Gunnery Sergeant Harker.