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A Forge World Harridan model

The Harridan is one of the largest flying Tyranid creatures the Imperium has yet encountered.



It has two bio-cannons and a pair of Scything Talons for swooping low and slashing up tanks. Being a living creature and relying on wings rather than jet engines the Harridan cannot match an aircraft for straight-line speed but its lithe, twisting body is far more manoeuvrable allowing it to twist and turn to avoid enemy fire. Harridans seem to act as brood-mothers to smaller Gargoyles. It is thought that Gargoyles lack the endurance for very long distance movement but it is known that they can hitch a lift on a Harridan using their hooks and claws to attach themselves. The Harridan has no legs or feet and because of this it has been theorized that once airborne a Harridan can never land.[Needs Citation]

Basic Info

Ordo Xenos Departmento Analyticus Record[Needs Citation]
Designation Harridan Main Weaponry 2x bio-cannons
Common Title Brood-mother
Specied Name Avius terriblis Secondary Weaponry 2x scything claws
Average Height 29m (length)
Average Weight 62.4 tonnes Tertiary Weaponry Claws and fangs
First encountered Tyran
Role Air superiority
Threat evaluation Extreme


A Harridan model from Forge World
Harridan with Gargoyle Clutch
An Epic Scale Harridan[1]



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