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The Haruspex is a species of large Tyranid. These monstrous creatures were created by the Hive Mind for the sole purpose to eat and are deployed in the latter stages of a Tyranid invasion to consume biomass at a rapid rate. The most notable feature of the Haruspex is a long grasping tongue specifically designed to drag victims into its gaping maw, lined with writhing tentacles and fangs. Once within its three sets of jaws, a Haruspex with tear apart and quickly consume its prey organism. Such is the might of a Haruspex that it can devour an entire platoon of enemy soldiers in mere moments, while also dispatching tanks and fortifications with ease.[4]

The Haruspex is also equipped with four Crushing Claws and a set of chimneys that moderate the intense heat that builds up as the monster devours victims.[2][3]


Haruspex Miniature (6th edition)
Haruspex (Warhammer 40,000 Collectible Card Game)

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