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Hektor Revvokan

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Hektor Revvokan was the last in a long line of Rogue Traders dating back to the Age of Apostasy. Determined to live forever, he used forbidden xenos knowledge and dark science to unnaturally prolong his life. Eventually he turned to the Chaos Gods, for pursuit of immortality in return for sacrifices. Revvokan gave them sacrifices by turning the guns of his fleet on Imperial frontier worlds; ravaging the southern sectors of Segmentum Tempestus for fifty-seven years.[1]

In 137.M40 Revvokan's fleet was corned by Mechanicus Explorators, the Imperial Navy and the Executioners Space Marine Chapter. Before Revvokan could flee into the warp his flagship, the Night Hag, was boarded by the Space Marines. Cut off from support and outnumbered by Revvokan's forces, which included a Berserker warband of the World Eaters Traitor Legion, the Executioners were forced to fight with insane zeal. They captured the ship chamber by chamber until they had slain the Rogue Trader and all his cannibalistic goulish followers. They then brought the Night Hag back into realspace and claimed it as their prize.[1]