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Heralds of the Siege (Anthology)

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Heralds of the Siege
Cover art
Author Various
Editor Nick Kyme and Laurie Goulding
Publisher Black Library
Series The Horus Heresy
Preceded by Slaves to Darkness
Followed by Titandeath
Released October 2018

Heralds of the Siege is an upcoming anthology and book 52 of the Horus Heresy Series.

Cover Description

Horus has triumphed. His fleet nears Terra and the Throne of his hated father. Many have fallen to bring this moment about, their names a legacy of glory – these are their tales.

A galaxy burns and brother turns on brother as the conflict brought about by a beloved son’s betrayal reaches its fateful end. The Warmaster Horus has triumphed. His massive fleet at last nears Terra and the patriarchal Throne of his hated father. Many have fallen to bring this moment about, their tales are the ashes upon which the Heresy was born and prospered. Others have played their own small parts, drops in an ocean of war and blood. None of it matters. Terra looks to the skies as it raises its defences. Armies muster, heroes raise their swords, citizens cower. The war is coming. And nothing can stop it.


  1. Myriad by Rob Sanders
  2. The Grey Raven by Gav Thorpe
  3. Valerius by Gav Thorpe
  4. The Ember Wolves by Rob Sanders
  5. Blackshield by Chris Wraight
  6. Children of Sicarus by Anthony Reynolds
  7. Exocytosis by James Swallow
  8. The Painted Count by Guy Haley
  9. The Last Son of Prospero by Chris Wraight
  10. The Soul, Severed by Chris Wraight
  11. Dark Compliance by John French
  12. Duty Waits by Guy Haley
  13. Magisterium by Chris Wraight
  14. Now Peals Midnight by John French
  15. Dreams of Unity by Nick Kyme
  16. The Board is Set by Gav Thorpe