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Ignatio Solarian

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Ignatio Solarian is a member of Deathwatch Kill-team Talon.


A member of the Ultramarines Chapter, Solarion was referred to as Prophet, due to his habit of delivering (usually negative) commentary and diatribe about the team's actions, strategy and individual combat performances, believing that he knew the best tactics to achieve optimum results. A proud member of his Chapter, Solarion was irritated both by his mocking nickname and the less-than-serious regard the other members of Talon gave his pronouncements. This irritation occasionally manifested itself in his commentary taking on a somewhat hectoring and supercilious tone, and in moments of high disagreement Solarion was not beyond remarking that he should have been placed in charge of the Kill-team by Sigma, not Karras.[1]

Despite this surface personality clash, Solarion was a valued member of the Kill-team due to his notable stealth and scouting skills; trained by the Ultramarine Scout Master Torias Telion, Solarion's abilities as a point man were worthy of considerable respect; Scholar once checked him for extra-sensory abilities, half-convinced that someone that good at being a scout must have some form of warp-generated talent.[1]

Solarion occasionally went into action with a sniper-pattern bolt weapon, often equipped with tailored rounds, and believed himself to be a beyond excellent shot. Solarion's pride made him particularly compliant in following Sigma's orders, and he was sometimes given additional mission briefings about parameters the others did not need to know about. It pleased Solarion to keep information from his team leader; the Ultramarine felt that members of later founding Chapters were not worthy of his respect. Despite this, he was aware that he couldn't push Scholar too far.[2]