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Inferno pistol

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The Inferno Pistol is a pistol-sized melta weapon of highly specialised and ancient technology created by Artificers. They are close to impossible to recreate and are rarely used as only a mere handful of them may exist in each Sector of space.[1][2]



They are as powerful as a Multi-melta, but have about one quarter of a multi-melta's range.[Needs Citation] The Inferno Pistol is available for use by the most privileged members of the Ordo Hereticus and Adepta Sororitas.[2]

The Blood Angels use a variation known as the Infernus Pistol, which are prized relics of the Chapter dating back to the Dark Age of Technology.[3] One of the more famous users of the Infernus Pistol is Commander Dante of the Blood Angels, whose sidearm is known as the Perdition Pistol.



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