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Iron Dragon

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Sokhar Bray'arth in Iron Dragon[1]

The Iron Dragon is a relic and unique MkIV Ironclad Dreadnought of the Salamanders Space Marine Chapter Armoury.[1] It is believed to have been fashioned by the Primarch Vulkan himself. Uncommonly heavily armoured and built with enhanced reactor-system using thermic generation technologies, it contains many defensive system and measures that others have strived but always failed to replicate. It is believed by somebody that perhaps Iron Dragon was a prototype of all Ironclad Dreadnoughts.[2]

The Iron Dragon itself has seen many dark and bloody wars in its time, and it is said that echoes and horrors of the ages weigh heavily upon its machine spirits and it contained within brood with unquiet violence. So there has been unusually long periods when this Dreadnought rest dormant in its reliquary-vault in the depths of the Chapter's fortress-monastery on Prometheus without appropriated occupant to intern within. Only strong-willed character, individualistic and warlike can master the war machine's sarcophagus without being overcome or fatally overloaded by Aetheric echoes it holds during the Iron Dragon's activation, and just how many have perished in the attempt remains unspoken among the Salamanders.[2]

Now the Iron Dragon contains a hero of Salamanders Chapter - Sokhar Bray'arth, that succumbed to his wounds following the purging of Ymgarl of Genestealer taint in 755.M41.[1][2]

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