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Ironstar of Yorg

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Ironstar of Yorg was a battle beteween Imperial Fists and Iron Warriors.[1]


In one of the incursions to the Imperium Iron Warriors and their commander - Warsmith named Rust King captured the Ramilles Class Star-fort Divine Rampart and managed to exploit its weapon systems. Then the Star Fort was sent to cut off the supply of Yorg’s Tri-systems and take the system under siege. The defenders fought bravely, but only with the arrival of the Imperial Fists Strike Force Ultra situation changed. It was composed of veterans of the war on Malodrax each clad in Terminator Armour and there was Eyranthos - Venerable Dreadnought which fought with Captain Lysander during the disaster at Haddrake Tor. Every one of the Strike Force Ultra warriors hates Iron Warriors with all their hearts so the fight was fierce. Battle unfolded across the decks of the star fort and on the surface of moons of Yorg. Eventually Imperial Fists emerged victorious and Eyranthos himself crushed the head of Rust King.[1]