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Jain Zar

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I bring only death and leave only corpses.
-Jain Zar[9]

Jain Zar[6]

Jain Zar (translated as the Storm of Silence[2]) is the Eldar Phoenix Lord of the Howling Banshees Aspect. It is said that she was favoured by Asurmen in that under his tutelage, she became the first of the Exarchs (the Asurya, or Children of Asur)[1][2][3].


Jain Zair was born Faraethil on the world of Eidafaeron shortly before the Fall of the Eldar. She was so young at the time of the doom of her people that she does not remember life in the Eldar Empire. After the Fall, the young Faraethil was raised by her brother until he was killed by Daemons now rampaging across the planet. Now forced to survive on her own, Faraethil eventually finds another survivor known as Illiathin who is contemplating suicide at a temple of the old Eldar Gods. Faraethil manages to interrupt his plan, but he initially shuns her. However when Faraethil becomes hunted by the Dark Eldar, Illiathin manages to save her and in the process renames himself Asurmen. During the fight, Faraethil loses control of herself and kills several of her attackers, and realizing her lack of discipline he takes her on as his disciple, renaming her Jain Zair. The two settle on an abandoned moon when they rename Asur.[8]

Originally of the Asurya, Jain Zar became the first of Asurmen's students. She and her brothers-in-arms learned well from their master, and soon set across the stars to establish their own Warrior Aspect shrines.[6] Unlike many of the other Phoenix Lords her devotion to her shrines is all but unmatched and she regularly travels between many Craftworlds to instruct her deadly craft, so that now, only the most remote Craftworld does not have a shrine to the Howling Banshees. She disappears and reappears at her own whim and her shrines keep a constant vigil for her, looking for the Jainas Mor (Silent Death) and Zhai Morenn (Blade of Destruction)[1][2][3].

Jain Zar was the most active of all the Phoenix Lords in the war against the forces of Chaos. She had led hundreds of Howling Banshees to war on countless occasions, even mustering them from multiple Craftworlds at once.[1]


Jainas Mor

Jainas Mor, or Silent Death, is a three-bladed throwing weapon, tempered within the warp itself. It is wreathed in black fire and is sharper than any mortal blade. It always returns to Jain Zar and never harms her, despite its deadliness[1][2][3].

Zhai Morenn

Zhai Morenn, or the Blade of Destruction, is a light, curved blade forged thousands of years ago before the Fall and shimmers with power. It is light and is wielded with dizzying speed[1][2][3].

The Mask of Jain Zar

The Mask of Jain Zar was the first Banshee Mask produced and all others have been copies. It is similar in its workings however is much more potent[1].

Notable Battles

Canon Differences

In the Second Edition rules she carried a modified version of the Banshee Mask, known as the Mask of Jain Zar[1]. In the Third Edition she is armed with a Banshee Mask, Executioner and Jainas Mor[2].