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Jakren Stein

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Jakren Stein

Jakren Stein is a Castellan of Cadia. Standing tall among the castellans of Cadia, a stoic and canny commander with a feel for war and a taste for blood. His reputation was hard won, though the story of his rise to power is clouded with rumour. It is whispered among the subalterns of rival Cadian regiments that early in his career Stein commanded a company in the defence of Hive Svard and brutally put down the Sorschan rebellion. During the Battle for the Crimson Deeps, it is said his company became surrounded by superior rebel forces who demanded his surrender. Rather than succumb, Stein flew into a rage, ordering an immediate attack which saw his company break out of the encirclement but lose nine out of every ten men in the process. Since then, Stein has hidden his dark temper from his men.[1]

Stein later commanded Cadian forces combating the Red Waaagh!.[1]