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Joff Zuckerman

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Joff Zuckerman

Joff Zuckerman is a famous Rogue Trader who is also known as the "Hero of the Kynbaex Genocides".[1][2]

Once he used to travel the galaxy with the later-Inquisitor Lord Thor Malkin. Their adventures, such as their victory in the infamous Kynbaex Genocide, have become the stuff of legends among Malkin's acolytes.[2] Zuckerman has access to a suit of Power Armour and is armed with a Bolt pistol and a power sword. He has a bionic left arm with an incorporated Power Glove.[1]


  • The Book of the Astronomican refers to the "Kynblax Genocide"[1], while in The Siege of Vraks - Part Three[2] it is written as "Kynbaex Genocide".