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Jorun Retaliation

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The Jorun Retaliation was a battle fought by the Imperium against traitorous Imperial Guard and their Dark Eldar allies in 143.M41[1]


On route to the Gothic War with an Imperial Battlegroup, the 15th Heraklion Ironclads, turned on their Commissariat attachment and went renegade. Investigations into this turn of events uncovered the foul Xenos taint of Dark Eldar, who had managed to ensnare and corrupt General Jorun and his command structure. Jorun and his fleet raided planet after planet, enslaving whole populations for their masters. The full Howling Griffons chapter (about 8 Companies worth) was given command of the strike force, with support from the Ultramarines and Sons of Orar Chapters. Initial contact was made as the traitor forces were landing on Feral World[2] Asturia. With no armor unloaded, it became a massacre, with over 5,000 Guard dying in an hour. The Howling Griffon's 4th Company, led by Chaplain Armand Titus, led the final strike on Jorun's forces; fighting through Jorun's Ogryn cadre as well as Dark Eldar troops. Titus delivered the killing blow to Jorun, while slowly succumbing to poisoned wounds and sealing the fate of the Heraklion Ironclads.[1]