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Judd Clausel

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Judd Clausel[2]

Judd Clausel is the Chaplain of the Fourth Company of Ultramarines.

Clausel has fought alongside several leaders of the company, including Idaeus, Uriel Ventris and Learchus Abantes. A straightforward and violent man, he is prone to headlong charges and is often depicted graphically cutting enemies in two with his Crozius Arcanum.[Needs Citation]

Clausel cares little for talk, and has reprimanded members of the ecclesiarchy for discussing theology during meetings[3a], and threatened planetary governors when they are slow to act[3b]. Uriel captain of the fourth stated "Chaplain Clausel speaks bluntly, but he is right to do so."[3a]


Clausel was one of the most ruthless instructor sergeants at the Agilesus Barracks on Macragge (whether he was already a chaplain at this time is unknown). Among the Aspirants under his charge were the young Uriel Ventris, his best friend Pasanius Lysane, and Learchus. All three of them heartily detested Clausel as a drillmaster, though they would become respected equals decades later[4].

Notable Engagements

During the 4th Company's first mission with Uriel as its Captain, Clausel led the company in prayer aboard the Strike Cruiser Vae Victus, and fought with distinction in the Pavonis campaign, including the engagements outside the Governor's palace in Brandon Gate, and at the Battle of the Tembra Ridge[1].

Clausel also followed the 4th Company to Tarsis Ultra, fighting with ferocity against Hive Fleet Leviathan[4].

After the Company's decimation by the Tyranids, Clausel assisted Acting-Captain Learchus and Apothecary Selenus in selecting new Aspirants to rebuild its numbers. As unyielding as he had been as a drill sergeant, Clausel insisted on maintaining the Company's high standards.[Needs Citation]

Clausel also accompanied Learchus and the 4th Company to Espandor, defending against an Ork Waaagh!. In particular, he led a crack squad of Assault Marines on a Jump pack assault on the Orks' Gargant, and together he and Learchus killed the Orks' Warboss. After the invasion, in a rare mood of congratulation, he told Learchus that he had earned his captaincy beyond all doubt[2].

When Uriel and Pasanius returned unexpectedly from their Death Oath, Clausel was not afraid to express his reservations; the two Ultramarines had been abducted to the Eye of Terror, and Clausel had yet to be convinced that they were free of Chaotic taint.

Chaplain Clausel fought in several engagements during the second Pavonis campaign, including Deep Canyon Six, the Shonai Estate and Olzetyn.[Needs Citation] After the campaign, he told Uriel that his leadership on Pavonis had laid Clausel's doubts to rest, and that anyone in the future who questioned Uriel's worth would answer to him.[3d]

During the Bloodborn's invasion of Ultramar, Clausel accompanied Uriel and the 4th Company to Calth.[5]


Chaplain Clausel wears the black armour of a chaplain. His skull helm is completely white with no notable technology visible save for the pipes either side of his jaws. He is armed with frag and krak grenades, a Rosarius, Crozius Arcanum and bolt pistol. Clausel has never been seen in battle without his jump pack and often leads a reserve unit of Assault Marines. Whilst his armour is black, both his pauldrons have green edging showing his placement in the fourth company and ultramarine blue inners, strangely with no insignia on them. He is free from bionic implants and is bald on top but not the sides, giving his head a holy, monk-like appearance. [2b][3c]


  • "What is the terror of death? That we die with our work incomplete. What is the joy of life? To die knowing our task is done. I stand alongside warriors of honour, and the warrior who acts out of honour cannot fail. His duty is honour itself. Even a warrior's death--if it is honourable--is a reward and can be no failure, for it has come through duty. Seek honour as you act, and you will know no fear. A fortress is a living thing: the commander its brain, the walls its bones, the sensors its eyes and ears, the troops its blood, their weapons its fists. If one organ fails, the whole dies. And if the whole dies, no single organ can survive alone. And above all, remember this... for a warrior the only crime is cowardice."[2c]