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Kallista Eris

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Kallista Eris was a historiographer[1a] assigned to the 28th Expedition, specifically the Thousand Sons Legion, during the Great Crusade. Eris was highly regarded in her role as a remembrancer. Eris had a psychic ability that allowed her divine future events, but came with violent seizures. She had foreseen the Burning of Prospero by the Space Wolves and was able to warn her fellow remembrancers Camille Shivani and Lemuel Gaumon.


Eris was assigned as a remembrancer to the Thousand Sons Legion. She was held in high regard by several of the members of that Legion including Ahzek Ahriman{[1b]. Blessed, or perhaps cursed, with a gift of foresight, Kallista possessed the ability to sense upcoming events, particularly those of incredible danger. Horrific migraines always accompanied these flashes that put her into a trance-like state wherein she would write down, often in the simplest sense and a handful of words, the event that would occur.[1c]

Eris was present with the Thousand Sons during their investigation of Aghoru. That was where she predicted the Space Wolves would invade Prospero.[1] No one understood its true meaning until shortly before the actual attack.

Eris suffered a major seizure while on Prospero, requiring treatment from the Thousand Sons. On Magnus's orders, Ahriman and Ankhu Anen exploited Eris's link to the warp. The Astartes reasoned that their medical technology had saved Eris's life in the first instance, now that the Imperium of Man was under the threat of civil war, they reasoned risking Eris's life to gather knowledge of the impending civil war was justified. They removed Eris from the warp-nullifying machine she had been surviving on and she ultimately died an exceedingly gruesome death. [1d]

Eris is known to have become romantically involved with Sokhem Vithara. After her death, she appears to have communicated with him requesting her ashes be delivered to her fellow remembrancers as they were about to flee the planet prior to the arriving Space Wolves. [1e]

Her ashes were placed in an urn carried by Lemuel Gaumon while imprisoned at Kamiti Sona for five years following his fleeing from Prospero. After being rescued/captured by Knight-Errant Dio Promus, Yasu Nagasena, and a team of Space Wolves, Gaumon was separated from the urn.[2a] After the team confronted a Shard of Magnus, it was revealed that one was hidden within the urn, and the two shards merged.[2b]

Expanded Relevance

Her last prophecy was “It’s too late… the Wolf is at the door and it hungers for blood. Oh, Throne… no, the blood! The Ravens, I see them too. The lost sons and a Raven of blood. They cry out for salvation and knowledge, but it is denied! A brother betrayed, a brother murdered. The worst mistake for the noblest reason! It cannot happen, but it must!"[1d]

It is a popular speculation among Warhammer 40,000 fans that the Blood Ravens Chapter are descended from the Thousand Sons, and that the line about the Raven of blood implies that the speculation is accurate.