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Khajog Khan

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Khajog Khan was a Captain of the White Scars. He was the Captain of the 2nd Company and the Master of Lore.[2]

He was a leader of the Brotherhood that took part in the defense of Cadia in the 13th Black Crusade. Khajog skilfully led his forces in the conflict, forcing the Chaos forces to lift their sieges of three separate Cadian Kasrs. However this in turn drew the attention of Abaddon the Despoiler, who sent a full company of the Black Legion supported by hordes of The Lost and the Damned to hunt down the White Scars. Unaware that their movements were being tracked by Abaddon's senior Sorcerer Zaraphiston, Khajog led his forces into an ambush and were forced to withdraw to a Pylon on the Caducades Sea. With their backs to the water, Khajog led a Bike charge that smashed through the enemy ranks. Khajog and his men fought to the last, with Khajog being the last to fall that day. The Stormseers of the White Scars claim that Khajog's spirit can not rest and return to Mundus Planus until vengeance is visited upon those who slew him.[1]