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Khalybus was an Iron Hands Captain , who escaped the Dropsite Massacre with a force mainly consisting of his Legion and a small amount of Raven Guard and Salamanders survivors. After losing any of the Traitors pursing him, Khalybus established communication with fellow Iron Hands Captains Durun Atticus, Sabinus and Plienus; who had also escaped the Dropsite Massacre. During the brief conference between them, the Captains all decided that, due to the loss of their Legion at the hands of their former comrades, they would each separately pursue their own war of vengeance against the Primarch Horus and the Traitors, who had followed him into Heresy.[1]

Following the events of Pythos, Khalybus came to command the Cruiser Sthenelus and worked closely with the Raven Guard Levannas despite bad blood between the two over Corax's abandonment of Ferrus Manus on Isstvan V. The cruiser eventually joined the combined fleet of Roboute Guilliman, Sanguinius, and Lion El'Jonson as they attempted to breach the Ruinstorm and reach Terra. During the Second Battle of Davin Khalybus was killed when the Sthenelus was destroyed by the Daemonically corrupted warship Veritas Ferrum.[2]