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Khrel Kas Obarkon

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Khrel Kas Obarkon was a Warrior of the Blood Pact and an elite fighter pilot. He lead the 4th Echelon during the Sabbat Worlds Crusade, notably at Enothis. He flew a pearl white Hell Razor fighter.[1a][1b]

Obarkon was heavily augmented and could only survive for 10 minutes without an external life support system. Even so, as a demonstration of personal strength, he always made his way from his burnished litter to his plane unsupported.[1b]

At the time of the Enothis air war, in 773.M41, the 4th Echelon was loyal to Magister Anakwanar Sek, and, through him, to Archon Urlock Gaur.[1b]

He was eventually killed by the Phantine Air Corps pilot Vander Marquall.[1x]