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Krak grenade

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A Krak grenade

Krak grenades are anti-tank weapons - the opposite of the anti-personnel frag grenade - they are designed to crack open armoured targets such as vehicles through a concentrated implosive blast.[1] Although a krak grenade can easily kill a man, they are only used to attack tanks and other armoured vehicles. They are very effective at destroying hard targets, building structures, and for tearing holes into defensive structures. They are commonly used, easily obtained grenades, but not as effective at destroying armour as melta bombs.[Needs Citation] However, the krak grenade must be placed more carefully on the target than most grenades, so their throwing range is lesser.[1]

Krak grenades are commonly used by the Imperial Guard and Sisters of Battle[2], as well as many from other Imperial forces.[Needs Citation]


The krak grenade of the Vanguard Veteran

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