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The Kyroptera was an informal council of captains of the Night Lords legion during the Horus Heresy. Little is currently known of its doings or influence before the Thramas Crusade, but its subsequent reorganisation and the actions of its members would go on to have an effect on the style of the legion's operations thereafter.


In the closing stages of the Thramas Crusade, the bulk of Night Lords legion found itself badly mauled. As the legion fleet regrouped after a vicious Dark Angels ambush, the three surviving (as they then thought) members of the Kryroptera met to discuss their next moves. Facing up to the fact that their primarch, the Night Haunter, was likely mortally wounded, they decided that they must assume command of the legion and order a general regroup before recommencing hostilities against the Dark Angels.[1a]

This plan was stymied however, by the unexpected survival and appearance of a fourth member of the Kyroptera; Jago Sevatarion. Sevatarion, more commonly referred to as Sevatar, dismissed the plan and instead suggested that the Night Lords disengage from the Dark Angels altogether and cease attempting to fight as a unified legion. As disagreement built, it was suggested that the Kyroptera vote upon the course of action to be taken (apparently for the first time, as disunity amongst the council was a new occurrence). Sevatar refused the vote and stated that whatever the others thought, he was taking the Atramentar (the elite first company under his command) and leaving to join up with the Warmaster's own fleet, and that the rest of the legion should accompany him. When questioned as to how he would make this happen against the rest of the Kyroptera's wishes, Sevatar replied that he would just kill them and get on with it, before leaving to ostensibly check the condition of the Night Haunter.[1b]

As the remaining Kyroptera discussed Sevatar's behaviour, one of the surviving number - Var Jahan - considered that Sevatar had left his personal weapon (an ornate Nostraman Chainglaive) upon the conference table. As one of the few in the legion aware of the purpose of the active secondary power generator built into it (a teleport homer), Var Jahan was already running for the chamber's door when the squad of Atramentar Terminators appeared in the room and opened fire. Impressed that Var Jahan had avoided the ambush by the skin of his teeth, Sevatar allowed him to live.[1b]

Sevatar, effectively in command of the legion due to his rank as First Captain during the absence of the primarch and his violent dissolution of the Kyroptera, nevertheless decided to reform the council of captains, though admittedly with members of his choice. Sending out invitations, the new members met in the primarch's quarters aboard the legion flagship, the Nightfall. There, Sevatar outlined his new idea; the legion would disperse into six great companies, each commanded by one of the Kyroptera, and scatter across the galaxy. From that point on, each commander and his great company could do whatever they wished, as long as they attacked the Imperium. Sevatar himself would take his Atramentar and whoever wished to come with him, and head towards Terra. The new members of the Kyroptera requested time to think on this plan, and received three days to consider it. Though, one of their number at least, correctly divined that Sevatar would likely just kill whoever disagreed with his plan.[1c]

Ultimately, the Dark Angels would force their hands, as once again the legion of the Lion managed to ambush the Night Lords. Formulating a plan of attack that only required a portion of the legion, Sevatar ordered the other Kyroptera to take their assigned forces and scatter. While three of the new members did as ordered, one of them - Ophion - volunteered his units to aid Sevatar. Complicating matters further, at least the flagship of Var Jahan also stayed behind, under the command of the newly awoken Night Haunter.[1d] While Sevatar and Var Jahn were captured by the Dark Angels during a subsequent boarding action,[1e] the fates of many of the rest are currently unknown.

Following the Battle of Sotha aboard the Nightfall a new iteration of the Kyroptera, known as the Kyroptera Vicaria, formed to determine the future of the Legion in light of the disappearance of Sevatar and Curze. Originally it looked as if Curze's equerry Shang would gain temporary control of the Legion, but after a duel this fell to Gendor Skraivok, who announced that he would rejoin with Horus and the push on Terra.[2]


First known iteration

Second known iteration

"You are all variously loyal to me, intelligent, reliable, trustworthy and divorced from the weakness of human compassion. The Legion needs leadership. It needs us."[1f]
-Jago Sevatarion

Third known iteration