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Laser weapon

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Laser weapons or las weapons is a name given to all Imperial and some alien laser based weapons. Imperial laser technology is relatively simple, with most Imperial worlds possessing the technological base needed for their manufacture. Las weapons are cheap, easy to maintain and are some of the most reliable weapons of the Imperium. They are issued in vast numbers to the Imperial Guard in the form of the lasgun and these are readily available on most Imperial worlds.[1]


Laser weapons emit a highly focused, high energy beam of light which on impact produces a rapid temperature change on the target's surface, causing vaporisation in the form of a small explosion. The beam itself lasts for only a short duration, creating a searing flash of light and distinctive snap or crack sound as air is ionised. Energy for each shot is stored within a fast discharge generator, taking up most of the weapon's mechanism, and regulates the power of each beam to prevent overpowering and improve reliability.[1]

Rechargeable power packs feed the discharge generator, each of which usually consist of a highly efficient liquid metal core and vary in size and capacity depending on their usage. Light internal power packs, used in lasguns and pistols, on average are good for forty shots; large crate-sized power packs used in lascannons, in order to maintain maximum power output efficiency, need replacing after every shot. Overpowered laser packs, also know as "Hotshot" power packs, contain a more potent charge but provide less shots than a normal power pack, as well as putting extra stress on the barrel and being more difficult to recharge.[1]

Most worlds produce their own distinct laser designs made from locally available materials and containing their own unique features, such as solar converters to recharge power packs and various types of optic sights. These designs can range from highly ornate, hand-crafted dueling pistols to robust service weapons issued to the Imperial Guard.[1]

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Laser weapons used by the Eldar are superior to Imperial designs, thanks to their usage of psychically-grown crystals and more efficient power generation and transmission systems. This results in weapons more energy-efficient, more accurate and more powerful than their Imperial counterparts. Many Eldar admire the elegance of laser weapons, priding themselves on their mastery of light itself.[2]



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