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Lavestus was a member of the White Consuls Chapter, who served in the Deathwatch; as part of a Talasa Prime Kill-Team led by Captain Artemis[1a]. In his service to the Deathwatch, Lavestus took part in a mission that destroyed a Necron complex on the Tomb World Norantis XIX, which prevented the rest of the slumbering Xenos from awakening[2]. Sometime later, Lavestus' Kill-Team were called to meet with the Ordo Xenos Lord Inquisitor Kryptman and tasked with capturing alive several Genestealers from a Space Hulk that just emerged from the Warp. The Lord Inquisitor then planned to to use the Genestealers to drive Hive Fleet Leviathan into the Ork Empire of Octarius; thereby saving the Imperium worlds of the Ultima Segmentum from the Devourer's grasp. When Lavestus heard Kryptman's plan, he recoiled and said it was a vial affront to the Emperor, but was forced to pledge his support when Captain Artemis gave his word to carry out Kryptman's mission[1a]. After they boarded the Space Hulk, the Kill-Team succeeded in their mission, but Lavestus was killed when he was swarmed by a horde of Genestealers - despite Artemis' best efforts to save him.[1b]