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This is the text of M31 that I have revised after finally finding a Heresy event with an explicit date stamp. I have added comments with excerpts from the source material that give dates or times. If this is all right, this can replace the present text of the M31 article. 20140825063923

Year Event Source
ca. 000.M31 The Imperial military fights the orks of Charhack for the Pargor Hith system. The Horus Heresy Book One - Betrayal pg. 40
002.M31 The Luna Wolves and Blood Angels exterminate the nephilim on Melchior. The Luna Wolves proceed to the Ullanor sector while the Blood Angels go to Perseus Null. Fear to Tread Prologue
The Ullanor Campaign. The Emperor of Mankind leads the Luna Wolves, Ultramarines, and millions of Imperial Army elements against the ork warboss Urrlak Urruk's empire in the Ullanor sector. A Thousand Sons Chapter One
The Thousand Sons bring Twenty-Eight Sixteen (Aghoru) to compliance in a three-month endeavour. Ibid. Book One
The Alpha Legion responds to the 670th Expeditionary Fleet's request for aid in the Nurth campaign. The planet is lost when the Nurthene activate a Black Cube. Half the Imperial Army forces and six Titans are left behind in the emergency evacuation. Legion Part One, Part Two Chapter One
004.M31 Five hundred Ultramarines battle-brothers participate in the three-year fight against the Vektate xenos overmind to free the human population of Arkenath. Battle for the Abyss (Novel) Chapter Two
003.M31 The Thousand Sons, Space Wolves, and Word Bearers bring the Ark Reach Cluster to compliance. Major General Hestor Navarre is appointed Imperial governor. A Thousand Sons, Chapters 11-14
The Ullanor Crusade comes to an end. The Emperor of Mankind and his army destroy Ork warboss Urrlak Urruk and the largest Ork empire in the galaxy. At the triumph celebrating the victory, the Emperor names Horus his Warmaster, renames the Luna Wolves the Sons of Horus, and retires to Terra. Index Astartes: Black Legion; Horus Rising by Dan Abnett Part Two Chapter Seven; A Thousand Sons Chapters 15-16
The Cleansing of Laeran. Fulgrim Part One
The 40th Expeditionary Fleet and the Space Wolves destroy the Olamic Quietude. Prospero Burns Chapters 5-7
004.M31 Personnel from the 27th Expeditionary Fleet on Isstvan III send a distress signal while Vardus Praal and the Warsingers attack Imperial holdings. Galaxy in Flames Chapter 3
John Grammaticus leads the Alpha Legion to 42 Hydra Tertius to meet with the Cabal. After the meeting, the Alpha Legion battle barges Alpha and Beta destroy the 670th Expeditionary Fleet. Legion Part Two
The 63rd Expeditionary Fleet fights the "Imperium of Man" on Sixty-Three Nineteen. Horus Rising Part One Chapters One - Four
The Battle of the Whisperhead Mountains on 63-19 ends. 63-19 is officially compliant. Ibid. Chapters Eight - Nine
The Luna Wolves reinforce the Blood Angels and Emperor's Children on Murder. Upon the arrival of Sanguinius, the combined Imperial forces spend six months exterminating the megarachnids. Ibid. Part Two
The Emperor's Children and Iron Hands destroy the Diasporex at the Battle of the Carollis Star. Fulgrim Part Two
005.M31 The Council of Nikaea is convened to determine the fate of Space Marine Librarians. The Emperor concludes that all Librarians must return to their battle companies and cease using their psychic powers. Magnus the Red is ordered to cease his study of sorcery. A Thousand Sons Chapters 18-20; Prospero Burns Chapters 9-11
The interex makes contact with the Imperium in orbit of Murder. When the Hall of Devices in Xenobia Principis is burgled and destroyed, the interex accuses the Imperial party of the crime. Upon returning to Imperial space, Horus adopts the Emperor's new name for his legion, the "Sons of Horus." Horus Rising Part Two Chapter Seven, Part Three
Warmaster Horus declines Alpharius's request to aid the 88th Expeditionary Fleet in a campaign against an ork empire in the Kayvas Belt. Sanguinius and the Blood Angels join the fleet instead and the campaign takes thirteen months to complete. Ibid. Part Three Chapter Two; Fear to Tread Chapter One
The Sons of Horus come to Davin by Erebus's request. on Davin's moon, plague zombies attack the Imperial forces. Horus fights Eugen Temba and Temba wounds him with the anathame. Erebus convinces the legion that the Serpent Lodge can heal Horus's wound. False Gods Chapter Six - Eight, Eleven
Erebus enters Horus's Warp vision disguised as Hastur Sejanus and tempts him with the powers of Chaos while Magnus the Red tries to dissuade him. Horus accepts the offer and awakens nine days after being interred in the Serpent Lodge's Delphos chamber. Magnus attempts to warn the Emperor of Horus's betrayal through forbidden sorcery, damaging the Golden Throne and psychic infrastructure on Terra in the process.

(Canon Conflict) The Outcast Dead depicts Magnus's warning to the Emperor as occurring after the Drop Site Massacre.

Ibid. Part Three; A Thousand Sons Chapters 23-25; The Outcast Dead Chapter 8
The Battle of Tarsus. The Emperor's Children subsequently destroy Eldar Maiden Worlds in the Perdus Anomaly with virus bombs. Fulgrim Part Three
The Emperor orders Leman Russ to bring Magnus the Red to Terra. Russ calls for his entire legion to rendezvous at Telkara and then travel from there to Prospero. Tales of Heresy: Wolf at the Door
The 954th Expeditionary Fleet and Space Wolves 13th Great Company bring the Lammas Sector to compliance, breaking the power of the Tyrants of Kernunnos. Wolf Lord Bulveye and his Wolf Guard spend three months battling the Dark Eldar Kabal of the Shrieking Heart on Antimon. Ibid.
Horus kills Fabricator Consul Emory Salignac of the Auretian Technocracy, triggering a ten-month war with the Technocracy. False Gods by Graham McNeill Part Four Chapter Nineteen; Fulgrim Part Four
006.M31 Horus contacts Leman Russ and changes his directive from arrest to elimination of Magnus the Red. He then orders Sanguinius to take his entire legion to the Signus cluster in the Northern Cross to liberate it from the nephilim and Roboute Guilliman to redeploy his fleet from Saturn to the Veridian system in preparation to engage an ork incursion. Guilliman orders his fleets to rendezvous with the Word Bearers at Calth. Ibid. Chapter 21; Fear to Tread Chapter 2; Horus Heresy: Collected Visions pgs. 158, 171
The Battle of Deep Orbital DS191. Fulgrim orders a part of the Emperor's Children under Lord Commander Eidolon to rendezvous with the 63rd Expeditionary Fleet in the Isstvan system while he takes the rest to meet with Ferrus Manus in the Callinedes system and entice him to Horus's cause. Galaxy in Flames Chapters 2, 5; Fulgrim Part Four
Battle of Prospero. The Space Wolves destroy the planet but Magnus escapes, taking the remaining Thousand Sons on Prospero to the Planet of the Sorcerers. Bjorn loses his hand to a daemon. False Gods Chapter 21; A Thousand Sons by Graham McNeill Chapters 27-31; Prospero Burns by Dan Abnett Part Three; Space Wolf by William King Chapter 17
The Space Wolves 13th Great Company disappears into the Eye of Terror in pursuit of the Thousand Sons. Codex: Space Wolves (5th Edition) pg. 9
The Death Guard purges the jorgall from the Iota Horologii system. Flight of the Eisenstein Chapters 1-3
Ordered to suppress the rebellion of the Imperial governor of the Isstvan system, Horus purges the Legions under his command from all suspected loyalists. He deploys them on Isstvan III and then virus-bombs the planet from high orbit. A few manage to survive inside bunkers, forcing the traitors to land and fight a months-long ground war. The Imperial cruiser Eisenstein, under the command of Nathaniel Garro, manages to flee with news of Horus's rebellion, warning the Emperor. Galaxy in Flames; Flight of the Eisenstein; The Horus Heresy Book One - Betrayal pgs. 40-59
Schism of Mars. The Dark Mechanicum wrests control of Mars from the Adeptus Mechanicus. Mechanicum
Imperial Fists Captain Yonnad is selected to lead his legion's Retribution Fleet when Sigismund defers to remain at his primarch's side. Shadows of Treachery: The Crimson Fist
Olympia rises up against the Imperium following the death of Dammakos. Perturabo leads the Iron Warriors to crush the uprising, killing five million civilians before order is restored. Index Astartes: Iron Warriors
The Word Bearers abandon a nearly-complete compliance action on 1301-20 (Calis) to respond to the Emperor's order to join the fleet approaching Isstvan V. The First Heretic Chapters 21-22
Bequa Kynska's Maraviglia premieres in La Fenice onboard the Pride of the Emperor. Singer Coraline Aseneca and her chorus transform into daemonettes while the music pushes the mortal audience into an orgiastic frenzy. Fulgrim Chapter 22
Seven legions arrive in orbit of Isstvan V to bring Horus to task. After the ensuing Drop Site Massacre, the daemon-possessed Fulgrim has killed Ferrus Manus, Vulkan has disappeared, and Lorgar and Corvus Corax duel until Konrad Curze nearly disembowls Corax. Corax leads guerrilla fighting until his fleet arrives to rescue the devastated loyalists. Alpha Legion operatives prevent a World Eaters vessel from firing on the Raven Guard relief vessels. About half of the Imperial military defects to Horus's side. Codex: Space Marines (3rd Edition); Fulgrim Chapters 23-25; The First Heretic Chapters 25-27; Deliverance Lost; Raven's Flight; Age of Darkness: The Face of Treachery
Fulgrim defies Horus's order to travel to Mars in order to pillage a Mechanicum resource world. His subordinates determine that he is not himself and attempt to torture the daemon out of him. The Primarchs: The Reflection Crack'd
Iron Warriors loyal to the Emperor defend the Schadenhold from their traitor brethren in a siege lasting a year and a day, Terran standard. Age of Darkness: The Iron Within
Captain Menes Kalliston and elements of the Thousand Sons 4th Fellowship return to Prospero to find answers. A detachment of World Eaters led by Khârn captures Captain Kalliston and kills the rest of his unit. Khârn interrogates Kalliston and eventually kills him. Age of Darkness: Rebirth
The Battles of Phall and Signus Prime. The Crimson Fist; Fear to Tread
Fulgrim and Perturabo enter the Eye of Terror in pursuit of an Eldar weapon. Fulgrim ascends to daemonhood. Angel Exterminatus
007.M31 An Ultramarines strike force destroys the Word Bearers ship Furious Abyss before it can attack Macragge. The World Bearers crash the fleet tender Campanile into the Ultramarines' fleet over Calth, starting the Battle of Calth. A combined Word Bearers and World Eaters fleet, including the Abyss's sister ships Blessed Lady and Trisagion, attacks Armatura. Elements of the Word Bearers legion also attack other worlds in the Ultramar region. Battle for the Abyss (Novel); Know No Fear; Betrayer Part One
Lorgar and Angron lead their legions to Nuceria. Angron orders the planet exterminated, but Roboute Guilliman and his Ultramarines arrive to interfere and extract retribution for Calth. Fidelitas Lex is shot down. Lorgar's Shadow Crusade transforms Angron into a Daemon Prince. Betrayer Part Two
Guilliman calls for loyalist fleets to gather at Ultramar. The 468th Expeditionary Fleet is sent to secure or destroy a warp engine on Perditas Ultima. The Primarchs: The Lion
7.854.007.M31 Veridian Mandeville relay station Tertius receives a message from Ultramarines Captain Alcheios requesting confirmation of mission parameters for the Ghaslakh Campaign. Mark of Calth: The Underworld War epilogue
008.M31 Town 44 on Virger-Mos II agri-world succumbs to panic when it receives word of the Emperor's defeat. Age of Darkness: Liar's Due
Lion El'Jonson and Konrad Curze battle on Tsagualsa during the Thramas Crusade. Age of Darkness: Savage Weapons
The Dark Angels and crew of Invincible Reason fight a daemonic incursion after being pulled halfway into the Warp while en route to Perditas. The Primarchs: The Lion
The Dark Angels, Iron Hands, and Death Guard battle on Perditas Ultima for possession of a Warp engine. Ibid.
Operatus Five-Hydra: Alpha Legion Squad Sigma redirects Tenebrae 5-90, an asteroid containing a Mechanicum/Alpha Legion research station and a Warp-manipulating xenos device, to fall into the star 66 Zeta-octis. The Primarchs: The Serpent Beneath
While prosecuting a campaign against orks in the Throll-Henderson system, Jaghatai Khan receives news from Rogal Dorn about Isstvan V and orders to return to Terra. The Khan receives a message from Leman Russ concerning an Alpha Legion fleet in the Chondax system. The Alpha Legion attacks both legions and the White Scars withdraw, urging the Space Wolves to do the same. Horus Heresy: Collected Visions pgs. 344-345
Rogal Dorn interrogates remembrancer Solomon Voss, recovered from a traitor vessel on the edge of the Solar System. Age of Darkness: The Last Remembrancer
En route to Terra, the Destroyer Plague hits the Death Guard. Mortarion swears allegiance to Nurgle to alleviate his legion's suffering. Horus Heresy: Collected Visions pgs. 347-349
011.M31 Baal receives word from Raldoron in the Signus cluster that the Blood Angels legion still exists, narrowly averting their dissolution by order of Malcador. Lost Sons
012.M31 Battle of Terra. Horus's army lays siege to the Emperor's Palace for fifty-five days. When he detects the fleets of the Dark Angels and Ultramarines approaching, Horus drops his ship's shields to entice the Emperor into a personal confrontation. The Emperor, Sanguinius, and Rogal Dorn teleport onboard Horus's battle barge Vengeful Spirit. Horus kills Sanguinius and the Emperor utterly obliterates him. Rogal Dorn carries the mortally wounded Emperor to the Golden Throne to keep him alive. White Dwarf 161 (UK); White Dwarf 267 (US) article Assault on Holy Terra
Great Scouring. Loyalists gradually re-conquer the Imperium. Chaos forces retreat into the Eye of Terror. Warhammer 40,000 5th Edition Rulebook pg. 124; Warhammer 40,000 6th Edition Rulebook pg. 168
Luther betrays Lion El'Jonson upon the Lion's return to Caliban. In the ensuing fight, Caliban is split apart and El'Jonson vanishes while Luther is captured. He is kept in a stasis field inside The Rock, the largest remaining piece of Caliban and the new homebase of the Dark Angels. Index Astartes: Dark Angels; Codex: Dark Angels (4th Edition) pgs. 8-9
Roboute Guilliman compiles the Codex Astartes, which lays down the new organizational doctrine for Space Marine chapters. Index Astartes: Codex Astartes
018.M31 Second Founding. The nine loyal Space Marine Legions are divided into forty new chapters during the Great Scouring. The Grey Knights are secretly created and designated Chapter 666. Warhammer 40,000 6th Edition Rulebook pg. 168; Deathwatch: Rites of Battle pg. 53; Index Astartes: Grey Knights and Deathwatch
ca. 019.M31 Corvus Corax leaves his self-imposed seclusion after a year and a day and takes a ship toward the Eye of Terror. His last known communication is simply "Nevermore." Index Astartes: Raven Guard
ca. 082.M31 Jaghatai Khan and the White Scars First Brotherhood disappear in pursuit of Dark Eldar on Corusil V, near the Maelstrom. Chapter lore states that the Khan pursued a Dark Eldar Archon through a Webway portal. Index Astartes: White Scars
ca. 110.M31 Leman Russ vanishes on the day of the Feast of the Emperor's Ascension, taking all his favoured warriors with him except for Bjorn. Codex: Space Wolves (5th Edition), p. 21
216.M31 The Wolf Lords of the Space Wolves elect Bjorn as Great Wolf. Bjorn leads the Chapter's first Great Hunt in pursuit of their missing primarch and returns in failure. Ibid.
356-372.M31 Vindicator created during third Rothern I pacification of the Great Heresy. White Dwarf 231 (UK)
427.M31 Primarch Rogal Dorn is killed aboard the Sword of Sacrilege. Space Marine (Novel)
580.M31 The Dark Angels and two of their successor chapters engage in the Forgotten Wars against the agents of the Ruinous Powers. Codex: Dark Angels (6th Edition) pg. 22
ca. 781.M31 The 1st Black Crusade. On Uralan, Abaddon the Despoiler secures the daemon weapon Drach'nyen. The First Battle of Cadia. Codex: Chaos Space Marines (3rd Edition, 2nd Codex); Codex: Chaos Space Marines (6th Edition) pg. 22
893.M31 Scribe First Order Wendel Voss records the Cleansing of Laeran in which the alien Laer are wiped out by the Emperor's Children led by Fulgrim.

(Canon Conflict) (The Horus Heresy book Fulgrim depicts this happening during the Great Crusade.)

White Dwarf 255 (UK),
Fulgrim (Novel)

M30 Timeline M32

This is my test of citations on the RG--Shadowcat1 The Raven Guard are a first founding chapter and were the XIX Legion of the Space Marines. Template:Endl6

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