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Lilesh Snarelust

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Lilesh Snarelust was a Daemon Prince of Slaanesh. Seeking to satisfy his desire for excess, in 487.M39 he led a Daemonic warband across a score of Imperial worlds near the Moon of Nightmares. With the incursions taking place dangerously close to their Craftworld, the Eldar of Saim-Hann respond over the next five years. With their Wild Riders systematically outmaneuvering and exterminating the Slaaneshi hordes, Saim-Hann High Chieftain Nuadhu eventually brought Snarelust to battle. Despite the intervention of his handmaidens, Nuadhu's Jetbike Riders managed to keep them at bay and give the Chieftain time to plunge his Celestial Lance into Snarelust's heart. After his banishment to the Warp, his remaining daemonic and Chaos-worshipping Human hordes are mercilessly annihilated by the Eldar.[1]