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Lion's Roar (Strike Cruiser)

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The Lion's Roar is a Strike Cruiser in the Dark Angels Chapter and was used by a strike force in late M41 to hunt down a Fallen Angel, who escaped into the Ghoul Stars. They eventually tracked their quarry to a charnel world of ash and bone, but when they near the Fallen they discover he is really the animated body of a loyal Fourth Company Sergeant. The body of the Sergeant then fell to the ground and mindshackle scarabs emerged from it, before a horde of Necron Flayed Ones appeared; revealing that the strike force had been lured into a trap by the mad king Valgul, in order to sate the hunger of the Bone Kingdom of Drazak. The subsequent battle, saw the Dark Angels nearly destroyed, until the Lion's Roar commits a near-suicidal attack run through the charnel world's upper atmosphere. The Strike Cruiser's attack pushes the Flayed Ones back and allows the Lion's Roar to teleport the surviving strike force to safety, before returning to the void. However even as the Lion's Roar escapes, the Bone Kingdom begins to feast upon the Dark Angels, that were killed by their talons.[1]