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List of Astra Militarum regiments

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Known regiments of the Astra Militarum:


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Unknown Worlds

Regiment Notes Source(s)
1st Regiment Warhammer 40,000 Compendium, pg. 31
3rd Regiment Warhammer 40,000 Compendium, pg. 31
5th Regiment Warhammer 40,000 Compendium, pg. 31
7th Regiment Warhammer 40,000 Compendium, pg. 31
9th Regiment [Needs Citation]
17th Regiment Known to employ at least one Squat medic. Warhammer 40,000 Compendium, Medics, pg. 31
21st Infantry Warhammer 40,000 Compendium, pg. 31
35th Octobian Regiment Took part in putting down a rebellion on the Hive World of Fell Core Fire Warrior (Novel) by Simon Spurrier — Chapter 3, pg. 63
53rd Regiment Warhammer 40,000 Compendium, pg. 31
11th Tank Regiment Consist of at least one Macharius Vanquisher in the assault on Mortuary Ridge. Imperial Armour Volume One - Second Edition: Imperial Guard, pg. 119
61st Tank Regiment Consist of Arkurian-pattern Stormsword, fought during the Vraks campaign where earned the right to bear the Imperial Eagle as an honour badge. Imperial Armour Volume One - Second Edition: Imperial Guard, pg. 116
62nd Regiment Warhammer 40,000 Compendium, pg. 31
97th Battalion Suppressed a heretic cult on the Sepheris Secundus. Dark Heresy: Shattered Hope, pg. 7
143rd Siege Regiment Includes at least one Stormsword Imperial Armour Volume One - Second Edition: Imperial Guard, pg. 89
5th Columnus Traitor Codex: Eye of Terror incl. Eye of Terror Homepage[Needs Citation]
47th Heavy Columnus Fought with Xenos on Zodiox Rift in M32. Was destroyed along with the planet of Brigantia III Predator, Prey (Novel), Chapter 1
The Traitor 9th Traitor Codex: Eye of Terror incl. Eye of Terror Homepage[Needs Citation]
13th/5th Imperial Army Hylgar's Hell-Raisers Warhammer 40,000 Chapter Approved - The Book of the Astronomican, [Needs Citation]
13th/23rd Tiger Lizards Codex: Tyranids (2nd Edition), pg. 72
13th Penal Legion Codex: Imperial Guard (2nd Edition), [Needs Citation]; Codex: Imperial Guard (3rd Edition), [Needs Citation];
17th/21st Tiger Lizards Codex: Imperial Guard (3rd Edition, 2nd Codex), pg. 6
24th Grenadiers Imperial Guard Collectors' Guide, pg. 100
61st/320th Orenian Codex: Imperial Guard (3rd Edition, 2nd Codex), pg. 6
87th Bluebloods Codex: Dark Eldar (3rd Edition), [Needs Citation]
114th Imperial Guard Regiment The "Iron Eyes" [Needs Citation]
129th Guytoga Hussars Took part in the Redemption of Hazeroth [45]
309th Landrian Light Infantry Took part in the Achilus Crusade. Where eliminated by Kroots [48]
666th Regiment of Foot (Traitor) Codex: Eye of Terror incl. Eye of Terror Homepage[Needs Citation]
Crimson Sun White Dwarf 126 (UK), pg. 44
Droonian Longshanks Fought with Xenos on Zodiox Rift in M32. Was destroyed along with the planet of Brigantia III Predator, Prey (Novel) by Rob Sanders, Chapter 1
Kaslon Regiment Codex: Imperial Guard (3rd Edition, 1st Codex), pg. 28
Lucky 13's
Phaxatine-of-Foot Fought with Xenos on Zodiox Rift in M32. Was destroyed along with the planet of Brigantia III Predator, Prey (Novel) by Rob Sanders, Chapter 1
Swordbearers of Stula Fist of Demetrius (Novel), Chapter 12
Teutons Codex: Imperial Guard (3rd Edition, 1st Codex), pg. 28
Warhounds of the Red Moon Codex: Imperial Guard (3rd Edition, 1st Codex), pg. 28


Homeworld Army/Division Regiment Source(s)
Agripinaa Agripinaa Home Guard Agripinaa 2nd Home Guard [21b]
Agripinaa 65th Home Guard [21b]
Agripinaa 197th Home Guard [21b]
Amerigo Secundus Wolverine Regiment [4]
Amistel Amistel 24th Cavalry Regiment [21a]
Anark Zeta Ogryns of Anark Zeta [4]
Antar 11th Antari Rifles Execution (Short Story)
Athonos Athonian Tunnel Rats [39]
Arcadia Infantry Arcadian 5th Infantry [1]
Arcadian 26th Infantry [7b]
Arcadian 118th Infantry [40ac]
Armoured Regiments Arcadian 66th Armoured Regiment [40c]
Arcadian 356th Armoured Regiment [8]
Armageddon Armageddon Ash Waste Militia[5] 71st Ash Waste Militia [7b]
99th Ash Waste Militia [7b]
Armageddon Command Guard [5]
Armageddon Hive Militia [5]
Armageddon Ork Hunters [5]
Armageddon Steel Legion (Infantry)[4][5][7]
Armageddon 47th Steel Legion Regiment [12]
Armageddon 87th Steel Legion Regiment [40aa]
Armageddon 93rd Steel Legion Regiment [7b]
Armageddon 141st Steel Legion Regiment [11]
Armageddon 276th Steel Legion Regiment [11]
Armour Armageddon 8th Superheavy Tank Company [8]
Arkhan Arkhan Confederates [Needs Citation]
Arphista Penal Legions [5]
Arminiun Honus Squad [4]
Asgard Asgardian Rangers[5] Asgardian 89th Rangers [7b]
Attila Attilan Rough Riders[3][4][7] Attilan Rough Riders 264th [51a]
Aurelia 9th Aurelia [20]
Avellornian Gunners [6a]
Aurora Auroran Rifles


Homeworld Army/Division Regiment Source(s)
Bakka Sector Task Force [21c]
Balakovo Guards 9th Balakovo Guards [21c]
Baldack 23rd Baldackian Fusiliers [18]
26th Baldackian Fusiliers [18]
Bale Highlanders [18]
Baran Baran Siege Defenders [11]
Balle Prime Balle 132nd Regiment "Fighting 132" [40a][40ad]
Bar-El Bar-El Penal Legions [21a]
Battlegroup Nemesis [21c]
Battle Group Imperatis [21c]
Belis Corona 55th Belis Corona [14]
34th Betic Centaurs [62]
Bifrost Bifrost Huscarls Bifrost 121st Regiment [21c]
Blitzen Blitzen Heavy Armoured Blitzen 5th Heavy Armoured [21c][50d]
Borodian 14th Infantry Regiment [1]
Brimlock Brimlock Dragoons Brimlock 4th Dragoons Regiment [7c][13]
Brimlock 8th Dragoons Regiment [8]
Brimlock 17th Dragoons Regiment [12]
Brimlock 19th Dragoons Regiment [12]
Brindelweld Seventeenth [49]
Britan Britan 79th Armoured Reconnaissance Regiment [21c]
Bront Brontian Longknives 5th Brontian Longknives [51b]
Brontian 82nd Armoured [51b]


Homeworld Army/Division Regiment Source(s)
Cadia Heavy Tank Companies Cadian 12th Heavy Tank Company [8]
Heavy Tank Regiments Cadian 3rd Heavy Tank Regiment [40r]
Cadian 8th Heavy Tank Regiment [8]
Heavy AA Regiments Cadian 77th Heavy AA Regiment [21a]
Armoured Regiments Cadian 9th Armoured Regiment [21c]
Cadian 13th Armoured Regiment [40z]
Cadian 31st Armoured Regiment [40e][40ab]
Cadian 74th Armoured Regiment [40c][40x][40aa]
Cadian 78th Armoured Regiment [53c]
Cadian 98th Armoured Regiment [40g][40r][40w]
Cadian 142nd Armoured Regiment [40j][40aa]
Cadian 155th Armoured Regiment [53b]
Cadian 212th Armoured Regiment [40m]
Mechanised Infantry Cadian 113th Mechanised Infantry [40u]
Cadian 114th Mechanised Infantry [7]
Cadian Shock Troopers[8][26][12] Cadian 3rd Shock Troops Regiment [21c]
Cadian 8th Shock Troops Regiment [7][8]
Cadian 9th Shock Troops Regiment [4]
Cadian 14th (XIV) Shock Troops Regiment [55]
Cadian 23rd Shock Troops Regiment [26]
Cadian 24th Shock Troops Regiment [20]
Cadian 39th Shock Troops Regiment "Xenobane" [7]
Cadian 85th Shock Troops Regiment [7]
Cadian 92nd Shock Troops Regiment [61]
Cadian 107th Shock Troops Regiment [21c]
Cadian 110th Shock Troops Regiment [7]
Cadian 122nd Shock Troops Regiment [40e][12][40r][40v][40z][40ab]
126th Cadian Shock Troops Regiment [33a]
Cadian 180th Shock Troops Regiment [7]
Cadian 266th Shock Troops Regiment [53j]
Cadian 411th Shock Troops Regiment [12]
Cadian 412th Shock Troops Regiment [12]
Cadian 417th Shock Troops Regiment [12]
Cadian 450th Shock Troops Regiment [7]
Cadian 512th Shock Troops Regiment [7]
Cadian 648th Shock Troops Regiment [46b]
Calasi IV Calasin 13th Infantry Regiment "Wraiths" [Needs Citation]
Calth 5th Calth Infantry Regiment [17]
6th Canadal [16]
9th Cardosian [4]
7th Cartigian [15]
Calderon Calderon Rifles [22a]
Catachan Catachan Jungle Fighters Catachan 2nd Jungle Fighters Regiment "Catachan Devils" [15]
Catachan 3rd Jungle Fighters Regiment "Green Devils" [15]
Catachan 4th Jungle Fighters Regiment [4]
Catachan 5th Jungle Fighters Regiment [4]
Catachan 6th Jungle Fighters Regiment [4]
Catachan 9th Jungle Fighters Regiment [57]
Catachan 11th Jungle Fighters Regiment [14]
Catachan 12th Jungle Fighters Regiment [4][21c]
Catachan 14th Jungle Fighters Regiment [7d]
Catachan 17th Jungle Fighters Regiment "Screaming Devils" [7e]
Catachan 18th Jungle Fighters Regiment "Swamprats" [40p][15]
Catachan 19th Jungle Fighters Regiment "Scorpion Fangs" [40f]
Catachan 22nd Jungle Fighters Regiment [60]
Catachan 23rd Jungle Fighters Regiment [15]
Catachan 24th Jungle Fighters Regiment "Waiting Death" [7e]
Catachan 37th Jungle Fighters Regiment [53d]
Catachan 51st Jungle Fighters Regiment "Black Vipers" [29a]
Catachan 146th Jungle Fighters Regiment "Red Cobras" [40w][40ab]
Catachan 391st Jungle Fighters Regiment "Coiling Cobras" [4][7e]
Catachan 1014th Jungle Fighters Regiment "Unseen Lurkers" [29b]
Unknown Number, "Wild Cats" [59]
Chaemos Chaemosian Royal Guard
Corona Coronan 51st Grenadiers [7c]
Cromaryn Cromaryn 898th Regiment [7e]
Cthonia Chtonian 1st Armoured Regiment [50f]
Cthonian 2nd Armoured Regiment [40i]
Cthonian 26th Armoured Cavalry Squadron [21b]
Cthonol Nineguards


Homeworld Army/Division Regiment Source(s)
Darillia Darillian 17th Regiment [Needs Citation]
Deneb Deneb 5th Armoured Regiment [40o]
Dernhelm Dernhelm 9th Regiment [21c]
Descaal Descaal Lancers 29th Lancers [Needs Citation]
Desednia Desedniain 2nd Regiment [7e]
Desert Devils 153rd Regiment [21c]
Devash 3rd Devash [18]
Diepr 3 Dieprian Mountain Men [7]
Dniepr 9th Dniepr Tank Corp [40o]
Dniepr 7th Tank Corps [50e]
Domman 14th Dommon Infantry Regiment [1]
Donia Donian Army [Needs Citation]
Drook VI Drookian Fen Guard [Needs Citation]
Dteria 125th Dterian Regiment [21c]


Homeworld Army/Division Regiment Source(s)
Elitor Magna Elitor Heavy Support [18]
Elysia Elysian Drop Troops Elysian 9th Drop Troops Regiment [40ag]
Elysian 12th Drop Troops Regiment [7b]
Elysian 15th Drop Troops Regiment [40ag]
Elysian 22nd Drop Troops Regiment [40af]
Elysian 23rd Drop Troops Regiment [Needs Citation]
Elysian 41st Drop troops Regiment "Angel Guard" [21c]
Elysian 64th Drop Troops Regiment [40af][40ag]
Detachment D-99 — 99th Elysian Drop Troops Regiment, D company special operations [Needs Citation]
Ezelti Lancers


Homeworld Army/Division Regiment Source(s)
Faeburn Faeburn Vanquishers
H2656 Feral Dogs
Finreht Three-Seven Finreht Highlanders 37th Finreht Highlanders Regiment [21a]
81st Finreht Highlanders Regiment [21a]
122nd Finreht Highlanders Regiment [Needs Citation]
451st Finreht Highlanders Regiment [21a]
Fellesia Fellesian Airborne 5th Airborne Regiment
23rd Auxiliary Airborne Regiment
[Needs Citation]
Flotte Flotte Coloniale 21st Regiment [21c]
Folas Tertus Folas Tertus Interfectors
Fornus Lix Fornus Lix Fire Drakes [4a]
Framlingham Framlingham Rifles [21c]
Fremas Fremas 34th Regiment [21a]
Fremas 46th Regiment [21a]
Fremas 99th Regiment [21a]
Frensham 17th Artillery Regiment Warhammer: Visions 16, pg. 121


Homeworld Army/Division Regiment Source(s)
Ghulag 97 Gate Keepers [Needs Citation]
Gathalamor Gathalamor Heavy Grenadiers [Needs Citation]
Gospodor Heavy Infantry Codex: Adeptus Custodes (8th Edition), pg. 42
Granite Granite Myrmidons [Needs Citation]
Gryphonne IV Gryphonne IV Regiment [4a]
Gudrun[19] Gudrunite Rifles[19] Gudrunite 50th Rifles [19]
Gudrunite 335th Rifles [21a]


Homeworld Army/Division Regiment Source(s)
Hadleys Hope Hadleys Hope 11th Rifle Regiment [21c]
Hammeront Hammeront Armoured Siege Units Hammeront IV Codex: Imperial Guard (5th Edition) pg. 23
Harakon Harakoni Warhawks Harakoni 31st Warhawks "Helldivers" [7c]
Hasdrubel Hasdrubel 5th [30]
Heidrun Heidrun 43rd/65th Regiment [21c]
Unknown Heraklion Ironclads 15th Heraklion Ironclads Imperial Armour Volume Two - Second Edition: War Machines of the Adeptus Astartes, pg. 20
Honorific Order of Tachoman
Hyrkan Hyrkan Regiments Hyrkan 6th Regiment [18]
Hyrkan 8th Regiment [18]


Homeworld Army/Division Regiment Source(s)
Indiga Indigan Praefects
Ivinia 43rd Ivinia Regiment [1]


Homeworld Army/Division Regiment Source(s)
Jant Normanidus Jantine Patricians [Needs Citation]
Jenen Ironclads (Traitor) Imperial Armour Volume Two (First Edition), pg. 226
Jopall Jopall Indentured Guard [Needs Citation]
Jouran Jouran Dragoons 23rd Jouran Dragoon Regiment [Needs Citation]
29th Jouran Dragoon Regiment [Needs Citation]
30th Jouran Dragoon Regiment [Needs Citation]
39th Jouran Dragoon Regiment [Needs Citation]
87th Jouran Dragoon Regiment [Needs Citation]
103rd Jouran Dragoon Regiment [Needs Citation]
112th Jouran Dragoon Regiment [Needs Citation]
327th Jouran Dragoon Regiment [Needs Citation]
383rd Jouran Dragoon Regiment [Needs Citation]
Jumael IV[27] Jumael 1st Regiment "Lucky Aces" [7]
Jumael Volunteers 14th Jumael Volunteers [27]
Jupiter Jupiter Storms


Homeworld Army/Division Regiment Source(s)
Kado Kado 11th Regiment [7e]
Kaledon Kaledon Hunters [39]
Kallistan 1st Kallistan Rifles [7]
Kanak Kanak Skull Takers
838th Kanak Skull Takers Regiment Gathering Storm: Fracture of Biel-Tan, pg. 37
839th Kanak Skull Takers Regiment Gathering Storm: Fracture of Biel-Tan, pg. 37
840th Kanak Skull Takers Regiment Gathering Storm: Fracture of Biel-Tan, pg. 37
841st Kanak Skull Takers Regiment Gathering Storm: Fracture of Biel-Tan, pg. 37
Kantael Kantael Light Infantry [21a]
Karoscura Karoscura Seventh The Strange Demise of Titus Endor (Short Story)
Kashann Kashann Xeno Riders 3rd Kashann Xeno Riders
Katara Kataran Spears 66th Kataran Spears Gates of the Devourer (Short Story) - Servants of the Machine God (Anthology)
Kaurava 252nd Conservator Regiment [Needs Citation]
Kavrone 21st Execution (Short Story)
Kellersburg Kellersburg Irregulars Kellersburg 1st Irregular Regiment [21a]
Kellersburg 2nd Irregular Regiment [21a][21b]
Kellersburg 6th Irregular Regiment [21a]
Kellersburg 7th Irregular Regiment [21b]
Ketzok Ketzok 17th Armoured Regiment "The Serpents" Ghostmaker (Novel), Chapter 2
Ketzok 18th [18]
Ketzok 21st [18]
Ketzok 22nd [18]
Khulan Khulan 2nd Huscarls Regicide (Short Story)
Kirvan Kirvan Light Auxiliaries [18]
Knovia Knovian Gharkas [21a][21b][21c]
Kolstec Kolstec 477th Light Support [18]
Konig Konig Armoured Regiments Konig 9th Heavy Tank Company [40q]
Konig 27th Armoured Regiment [40c]
Kovnia Kovnian 1st Armoured Regiment "The Black Nights" [50b]
Krakan Krakan Fen Guard White Dwarf 77 (2015)Regiments of Renown
Krieg Death Riders of Krieg [Needs Citation]
Death Korps of Krieg Krieg 1st Armoured Regiment [40v]
Krieg 2nd Armoured Regiment [40v]
Krieg 14th Armoured Regiment [50a]
Krieg 18th Armoured Regiment [40u]
Krieg 19th Armoured Regiment [Needs Citation]
Krieg 21st Armoured Regiment [40p]
Krieg 22nd Armoured Regiment [40ab]
Krieg 28th Armoured Regiment [40n][40r][40x][40z]
Krieg 76th Armoured Regiment [40h]
Krieg 83nd Armoured Regiment [53k]
Krieg 123rd Armoured Regiment [53n]
Krieg 127th Death Korps of Krieg Regiment [16]
Krieg 1st Heavy Tank Company [40r][40w]
Krieg 8st Heavy Tank Company [53e]
Krieg 11th Heavy Tank Company [53l]
Krieg 13th Heavy Tank Company [40r]
Krieg 25th Heavy Tank Company [53m]
Krieg 33rd Infantry Regiment [Needs Citation]
Krieg 101st Infantry Regiment [Needs Citation]
Krieg 23rd Mechanised Infantry Regiment [8][23]
Krieg 3rd Siege Artillery Regiment [31]
Krieg 4th Siege Artillery Regiment [31]
Krieg 8th Siege Artillery Regiment [31]
Krieg 19th Siege Artillery Regiment [31]
Krieg 22nd Siege Artillery Regiment [31]
Krieg 23rd Siege Artillery Regiment [31]
Krieg 231st Siege Artillery Regiment [31]
Krieg 497th Siege Artillery Regiment [31]
Krieg 3rd Siege Regiment [31]
Krieg 5th Siege Regiment [31]
Krieg 15th Siege Regiment [31]
Krieg 19th Siege Regiment [31]
Krieg 101st Siege Regiment [31]
Krieg 138th Siege Regiment [44c]
Krieg 143rd Siege Regiment [31]
Krieg 149th Siege Regiment [31]
Krieg 150th Siege Regiment [31]
Krieg 152nd Siege Regiment [53k]
Krieg 158th Siege Regiment [31]
Krieg 179th Siege Regiment [31]
Krieg 261st Siege Regiment [31]
Krieg 262nd Siege Regiment [31]
Krieg 263rd Siege Regiment [31]
Krieg 269th Siege Regiment [31]
Krieg 291st Siege Regiment [31]
Krieg 308th Siege Regiment [31]
Krieg 309th Siege Regiment [31]
Krieg 310th Siege Regiment [31]
Krieg 468th Siege Regiment [32]
Krieg 469th Siege Regiment [32]
Krieg 470th Siege Regiment [32]
Krieg 7th Tank Regiment [31]
Krieg 11th Tank Regiment [31][53f]
Krieg 14th Tank Regiment [31]
Krieg 61st Tank Regiment [31]
Krieg 66th Tank Regiment [31]
17th Line Korps of Krieg [47]
60th Line Korps of Krieg [47]
Kronus Kronus 1st Liberators [46]
Kroshin Kroshin Grenadiers [9]
Krourk Krourk Ogryn Auxilia [Needs Citation]
Krum Ironsides


Homeworld Army/Division Regiment Source(s)
Last Reach Last Reach Regiments [4b]
Carthage Major Latarii Gundogs [18]
Lelithar Lelithar Planetary Defence Forces [21][Needs Citation]
Lexxia Lexxian 9th Regiment "Sawtooths" [4c]
Logres Logres Regiment [4a]
Lorentian IV Lorentian Regiment [4b]
Lostock 23rd [Needs Citation]
Terra (originally) Lucifer Blacks
Luggnum Luggnum Sewer Rats Luggnum 3rd Light Infantry [44a][44b]


Homeworld Army/Division Regiment Source(s)
Maccabeus Quintus Maccabian Janissaries 5th Maccabian "Drusus's Own" [Needs Citation]
16th Maccabian "Janissaries" [Needs Citation]
1322nd Maccabian Janissaries [Needs Citation]
Madien 24th Mechanised Infantry Regiment [Needs Citation]
Magdellan 6th Armoured Regiment [40h]
Magdellan 11h Tank Regiment [53g]
Manninen Manninen Rangers 12th Manninen Rangers Regiment
Mariner Mariner 18th "Panthers" [18]
Mephidian Guard
Mershan Mershan 45th [18]
Methusela Methuselan 12th Mechanised Infantry [21c]
Miasma XVL Miasman Redcowls 114th Shrouded Ones
Midgardia Midgardia 144th White Dwarf 20 (2014), pgs. 12–14
Minerva Minervan Tank Legions 10th Minervan Tank Legion [42]
217th Minervan Tank Legion [41]
Mnenom 2nd Mnenomite [18]
Moloch Moloch 182nd Rifles [7c]
Monglor Monglor Ogryn Auxilia [Needs Citation]
Moradia Moradia 23rd Infantry Regiment [1]
Morbidia Morbidian Skull Takers [4a]
Mordant Prime Mordant Acid Dogs Mordant 13th Acid Dogs Regiment "Lucky 13s" [21][Needs Citation]
Mordant 303rd Acid Dogs Regiment [21a][21b][21c]
Mordian Mordian Iron Guard Mordian 2nd Iron Guard Regiment [7d]
Mordian 3rd Iron Guard Regiment [29]
Mordian IV [58]
Mordian 10th Iron Guard Regiment [21c]
Mordian 11th Iron Guard Regiment [18]
Mordian 21st Iron Guard Regiment [Needs Citation]
Mordian 26th Iron Guard Regiment [33a]
Mordian 56th Iron Guard Regiment [7e]
Mordian 201st Iron Guard Regiment [40y]
Mordian 211th Iron Guard Mechanised Regiment [7e]
Mordian 16th Armoured Regiment [40j][40aa]
Mordian 84th Armoured Regiment [40u]
Mordian 3rd Heavy Tank Company [40w]
Mordion Mordion 7th Infantry Regiment [1]
Mortant Mortant Regiments Mortant 7th Regiment "Headhunters" [7f][40i][40u]
Mortant 11th Armoured Regiment [40l]
Mortant 113th Armoured Regiment [40f]
Mortessa Mortessan Highlanders 14th Mortessan Highlanders [Needs Citation]
Mubarizan Sipahi Knights of the Imperium (Novella)Vondrak


Homeworld Army/Division Regiment Source(s)
Naga 22nd Naga Air Defence Squadron [30]
Narmenia Narmenian Armoured 1st Narmenian Armoured [18]
2nd Narmenian Heavy [18]
Narmenian 3rd [18]
Narsine Narsine Yeomanry [21a][21b]
Necromunda Necromundan Guard Necromundan 7th Infantry Regiment "Lucky Sevens" [37]
Necromunda 8th Infantry Regiment "The Spiders" [Needs Citation]
Necromunda 9th Infantry Regiment (24th Imperial Army Corps) [1]
Necromunda Twelfth Regiment [3]
Noctan Noctan Strike Forces [Needs Citation]
Nordia Nordian Berserkers


Homeworld Army/Division Regiment Source(s)
Ocanon Ocanan XV Infantry Regiment (Traitor) [29c]
Ocanan Phalanx Troops [5]
Omnicron Omicron Rangers [Needs Citation]
Ontanople Ontanople Pioneers [18]
Ontanople Rifles [18]
Oran Oran Jaguars
Orcallia Orcallian 35th Regiment [7e]
Orion Orion Watch
Orn's World Orn's World Militia Warhammer 40,000 6th Edition Rulebook, pg. 387


Homeworld Army/Division Regiment Source(s)
Paladius Palladius 2nd Armoured Regiment [40p][40z]
Palladius 8th Armoured Regiment [40c][40v]
Palladius 46th Armoured Regiment [40n][40aa][40aa]
Pannonia Pannonia 5th Infantry Regiment [1]
Paragon VI 7th Paragonian Super-heavy Tank Company Baneblade (Novel), Chapter 2
Patria Fists of Lagus [7]
Pavarian 3rd Armoured Regiment [53a]
Petrostok Besiegers [12]
Phantine Phantine Air Corps [Needs Citation]
Phobos Phobos 16th Regiment [Needs Citation]
Phonosar Phonosar 23rd Recon Regiment [21][Needs Citation]
Phonosar 24th Recon Regiment [21]
Phonosar 25th Recon Regiment [21]
Phonosar 26th Recon Regiment [21]
Phonosar 27th Recon Regiment [21]
Phonosar 28th Recon Regiment [21]
Phonosar 29th Recon Regiment [21]
Phonosar 30th Recon Regiment [21]
Phonosar 31st Recon Regiment [21]
Phonosar 32nd Recon Regiment [21]
Phonosar 33rd Recon Regiment [21]
Phonosar 34th Recon Regiment [21]
Phyressia Phyressian 2nd Armoured Regiment [50c]
Phyressian 14th Armoured Regiment [40d][40ab]
Phyressian 42nd Armoured Regiment [40e]
Phyressian 81st Armoured Regiment [8]
Phyressian 31st Heavy Tank Company [40t]
Phyruss Phyruss Regiment [4a]
11th Polladen [18]
Praetoria Praetorian Guard [4a][21c]
Pragar Pragar 10th [18]
Pragar 13th [18]
Pragar 20th [18]
Pragar 45th Light [18]
Pyran Pyran Dragoons [Needs Citation]


Homeworld Army/Division Regiment Source(s)
Qartad Qartard Feral World Veterans


Homeworld Army/Division Regiment Source(s)
Rasak Rasak Bloodpools
Ratskins Regiment
Remus Remus Regiment
Reslian Reslian 45th
Ritzos Ritzos 12th Regiment [21c]
Riverine Riverine 31st Founding [35]
Roane Deepers Necropolis (Novel), Chapter 3
Rustung Armoured Fourth Conquest of Armageddon (Novel), Chapter 8


Homeworld Army/Division Regiment Source(s)
Sameter Sameter Infantry Sameter 9th Infantry [19]
Samothrace 4th Samothrace [18]
303rd Samothrace [18]
Sarenia Sarenian 5th Heavy Tank Company [8a]
Sarpoy 21st Sarpoy [18]
Savlar Savlar Chem Dogs Savlar 14th Chem-Dogs [54]
Savlar 71st Chem Dogs Regiment [40e]
Scintilla Scintillan Fusiliers 17th Scintillan Spireborn [Needs Citation]
Sebastin VI Defenders of Sebastin VI[4a] Sebastin 72nd Defenders [7b]
Selvian Dragoons Straken (Novel), Part 1
Semtexia Semtexian Bombardiers[5] Semtexian 34th Bombardiers Battery [Needs Citation]
Sentrek Freemen (Traitor) [6]
Serica Bushmen of Serica [4a]
Stalinvast Stalinvast Grenadiers [12]
St. Khorran St. Khorran 81st [18]
St. Khorran 88th [18]
Sturm Pioneers 352nd Regiment [21c]
Synd Zan Synd Zan Bloodsworn


Homeworld Army/Division Regiment Source(s)
Tahnel Tahnelian Airbourne Tahnelian 374th Airbourne Regiment [12]
Tallarn Tallarn Desert Raiders Tallarn 12th Desert Raiders [7e]
Tallarn 35th Desert Raiders [44d]
Tallarn 89th Desert Raiders [7e]
See also Notable Tallarn Desert Raiders Regiments
Tangar Tangar Woad Warriors Codex: Imperial Guard (3rd Edition, 1st Codex), pg. 28
Tanith Tanith First and Only [Needs Citation]
Tanith 2nd Light Infantry [Needs Citation]
Tanith 3rd Light Infantry [Needs Citation]
Tarsis Ultra Erebus Defense Legion [24]
Tartarus Tartarus 37th Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War
Tekarn Tekarn Armoured Iron Fist Regiment [7]
Tekarn 11th Heavy Tank Company [40r]
Tekarn 83rd Mechanised Infantry Regiment [53h]
Tekarn 90th Armoured Regiment [40v]
Terra 5th Armored Terran Praefects [38]
156th Palatine Sentinels
Lucifer Blacks
143rd Katanda Stalwarts
Terrax Terrax Guard Codex: Imperial Guard (3rd Edition, 2nd Codex), pg. 60
Teutonia Teutonian Armoured Regiment Teutonian 19th Heavy Tank Company (aka Teutonian 19th Super Heavy Tank Company) [40s]
21th Teutonian Heavy Tank Company [40ae]
Teutonian 121st Armoured Regiment [40x]
Tharinga Tharinga 14th Infantry Regiment [1]
Thracia Thracian Guard Thracian 81st Guard Regiment [21b]
Thracian 290th Guard Regiment [21c]
Thracian 428th Guard Regiment [46a]
10th Thracian Armoured Regiment [53i]
Thracian Primaris Thracian Fifth [19]
Thranx 41st Thranxian Rifles Predator, Prey (Novel), Chapter 1
Tmara Tmaran Scalp-takers Blood of Iax (Novel), Chapters 1–5
Truska Truskan Snowhounds
Turan XXI


Homeworld Army/Division Regiment Source(s)
Urdesh Urdeshi Storm-Troops Urdeshi 4th (Light) [18]
Urdeshi 6th [18]
Urdeshi 7th Storm-Troop [18]
Urdeshi 10th [18]
Urdesh 33rd [18]
Utica IV Desert Foxes Uttica 1st Tank Company [7][21c][50f]


Homeworld Army/Division Regiment Source(s)
Valeria 22/4 Valeria Regiment (combined regiment) [1]
Valhalla Armoured Regiments Valhallan 8th Armoured Regiment [40k][40z]
Valhallan 14th Armoured Regiment [23]
Valhallan 28th Armoured Regiment [40c][40w][40aa]
Valhallan 58th Armoured Regiment [40ab]
Valhallan 193rd Armoured Regiment [40j]
Valhallan Ice Warriors Valhallan 23rd Ice Warriors [7-p30][Needs Citation]
Valhallan 54th Ice Warriors Regiment [21c]
Valhallan 93rd Ice Warriors [7e]
187th Valhallan Regiment [52]
Valhallan 222nd Ice Warriors [4d]
Valhallan 296th Ice Warriors [22]
Valhallan 301st Ice Warriors [22]
Valhallan 597th Ice Warriors [22]
Polar Guard Valhallan Polar Guard I [43]
Valhallan Polar Guard II [43]
Validius Royal Validians[36a] 14th Royal Validian [36b]
Valstadt Valstadt 13th Armoured Regiment [40o]
Van De'Man's World Van De'Man's World 'Redbacks' 3rd Redbacks Regiment [21a]
4th Redbacks Regiment [21a]
5th Redbacks Regiment [21a]
67th Redbacks Regiment [21a]
104th Redbacks Regiment [21a]
Vangri 7th Vangrian Royal Guard [13a]
Vardan Vardan Rifles Vardan 722nd Rifles [27]
Vardan 831st Rifles [27]
Vardan 902nd Rifles [27]
Varoli Secundus 254th Varolian Regiment "Steel Dogs" [40b]
Varolian 256th Armoured Regiment "The Ironsides" [40i]
Vastadt I Vastadt I Expendrines Vastadt 4th Independent Tank Regiment [4a][50d]
Velluria Vellurian 12th Armoured Cavalry Regiment [8]
Vendoland Vendoland 101st Regiment [7c]
Ventan Ventan Heavy Infantry Ventan XXI [33b]
Ventrillia Ventrillian Nobles
Versimmon Dragoons [56]
Vigilus Vigilant Guard
Vintor Vintor 23rd Regiment [Needs Citation]
Vintor 823rd Regiment [29d]
Vitria 2nd Vitrian Mobile [18]
Vitrian 10th Armoured Brigade [18]
Vitrian Dragoons [Needs Citation]
Vodorian Grenadiers 35th Vodorian Grenadiers The Red Path (Novel), Chapter Six
Volg Volg 3rd [Needs Citation]
Volpone Royal Volpone Royal Volpone 50th "Bluebloods" [18]
Volscani Cataphracts (traitor) Cadia Stands (Novel), Part One, Chapter Three
Vorgarn Vorgarn Regiments Vorgarn 38th Regiment (rebelled) [1]
Vorgarn 42nd Regiment [1]
Vorradion Vorradion 3rd Regiment (rebelled) [1]
Voscan 231st Warhammer 40,000 Apocalypse: Kill Team, pg. 2
Vostroya Vostroyan Heavy Armoured 24th "Iron Bloods" [29]
Vostroyan Firstborn[9][12]
Vostroyan Firstborn IX Regiment [Needs Citation]
Vostroyan Firstborn XI Regiment [33a]
Vostroyan Firstborn XVI Regiment [29e]
Vostroyan Firstborn XXII Regiment [Needs Citation]
Vostroyan Firstborn XXVII Regiment [9]
Vostroyan Firstborn LXVIII Regiment [34]
Vostroyan Firstborn CCXLI Regiment [9]
Vresh Vresh Grenadiers


Homeworld Army/Division Regiment Source(s)
Wrawbach 34th Wrawbach Heavy Infantry [18]
52nd Wrawbach Heavy Infantry 'Fighting Felids' [18]


Homeworld Army/Division Regiment Source(s)
Xenophon Xenophonian 5th Guard [12]


Homeworld Army/Division Regiment Source(s)
Yamnin Yamnin Volunteers [4a][7]


Homeworld Army/Division Regiment Source(s)
Zenonia Zenonian Free Companies [21a]
Zouvan Zouvan Skirmishers [27]
Zuvenian Light Foot 35th Zuvenian Light Foot [27]

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