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List of minor Horus Heresy characters

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This is a biographical list of minor characters from the Horus Heresy book series published by Black Library.

This list does not include major characters. For a listing of major characters, all of whom have their own entry, please see Horus Heresy Series.

Space Marines

Gaius Caphen

Gaius Caphen is second in command to Solomon Demeter of the Emperor's Children. Unlike Demeter, however, he dies of his wounds before the traitors land on Istvaan III.1


Chaplain Charmosian was the Chaplain of the 18th Company, and one of the most senior members of the Emperor's Children Space Marine Legion. He acted as a member of Fulgrim's honour guard during the later stages of corruption leading up to Istvaan III, when he was killed by Lucius.2

Ullis Temeter

Ullis Temeter was the Captain of the 4th Company of the Death Guard. He remained utterly loyal to the Emperor, and consequently was sent to Istvaan III. Strangely however, his entire company was sent to Istvaan, not just a few squads (it is mentioned that a lot of his company came from Terra, including Temeter himself). When the viral attack came, Temeter got most men into the bunkers, but perished himself.4