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List of Imperial Guard regiments

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Known regiments of the Imperial Guard:


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Regiment Notes Source(s)
1st Regiment [Needs Citation]
3rd Regiment [Needs Citation]
5th Regiment [Needs Citation]
7th Regiment [Needs Citation]
9th Regiment [Needs Citation]
17th Regiment Known to employ at least one Squat medic. Warhammer 40,000 Compendium, Medics, [Needs Citation]
21st Infantry [Needs Citation]
53rd Regiment [Needs Citation]
62nd Regiment Warhammer 40,000 Compendium, [Needs Citation]
5th Columnus Traitor Codex: Eye of Terror incl. Eye of Terror Homepage[Needs Citation]
The Traitor 9th Traitor Codex: Eye of Terror incl. Eye of Terror Homepage[Needs Citation]
13th/5th Imperial Army Hylgar's Hell-Raisers Warhammer 40,000 Chapter Approved - The Book of the Astronomican, [Needs Citation]
13th/23rd Tiger Lizards Codex: Tyranids (2nd Edition), pg. 72
13th Penal Legion Codex: Imperial Guard (2nd Edition), [Needs Citation]; Codex: Imperial Guard (3rd Edition), [Needs Citation];
17th/21st Tiger Lizards Codex: Imperial Guard (3rd Edition, 2nd Codex), pg. 6
24th Grenadiers Imperial Guard Collectors Guide[Needs Citation]
61st/320th Orenian Codex: Imperial Guard (3rd Edition, 2nd Codex), pg. 6
87th Bluebloods Codex: Dark Eldar (3rd Edition), [Needs Citation]
114th Imperial Guard Regiment The "Iron Eyes" [Needs Citation]
133rd Imperial Navy Bomber Wing One of its squadrons have taken part in arctic/tundra warfare during the Belatis IV Campaign. [40b]
129th Guytoga Hussars Took part in the Redemption of Hazeroth [45]
666th Regiment of Foot (Traitor) Codex: Eye of Terror incl. Eye of Terror Homepage[Needs Citation]
Warhounds of the Red Moon Codex: Imperial Guard (3rd Edition, 2nd Codex), [Needs Citation]


Homeworld Army/Division Regiment Source(s)
Agripinaa Agripinaa Home Guard Agripinaa 2nd Home Guard [21]
Agripinaa 65th Home Guard [21]
Agripinaa 197th Home Guard [21]
Amerigo Secundus Wolverine Regiment [4]
Amistel Amistel 24th Cavalry Regiment [21]
Anark Zeta Ogryns of Anark Zeta [4]
Anthos Anthonian Tunnel Rats [39]
Arcadia Infantry Arcadian 5th Infantry [1]
Arcadian 26th Infantry [7b]
Arcadian 118th Infantry [Needs Citation]
Armoured Regiments Arcadian 66th Armoured Regiment [8]
Arcadian 356th Armoured Regiment [8]
Armageddon Armageddon Ash Waste Militia[5] 71st Ash Waste Militia [7b]
99th Ash Waste Militia [7b]
Armageddon Command Guard [5]
Armageddon Hive Militia [5]
Armageddon Ork Hunters [5]
Armageddon Steel Legion (Infantry)[4][5][7]
Armageddon 47th Steel Legion Regiment [12]
Armageddon 87th Steel Legion Regiment [8]
Armageddon 93rd Steel Legion Regiment [7b]
Armageddon 141st Steel Legion Regiment [11]
Armageddon 276th Steel Legion Regiment [11]
Armour Armageddon 8th Superheavy Tank Company [8]
Arkhan Arkhan Confederates [Needs Citation]
Arphista Penal Legions [5]
Arminiun Honus Squad [4]
Asgard Asgardian Rangers[5] Asgardian 89th Rangers [7b]
Attila Attilan Rough Riders [3][4][7]
Aurelia 9th Aurelia [20]
Avellornian Gunners [6a]


Homeworld Army/Division Regiment Source(s)
Bakka Sector Task Force [21]
Baldack 23rd Baldackian Fusiliers [18]
26th Baldackian Fusiliers [18]
Bale Highlanders [18]
Baran Baran Siege Defenders [11]
Balle Prime 132nd Regiment [40a]
Bar-El Bar-El Penal Legions [21]
Battle Group Nemesis [21]
Battle Group Imperialis [21]
Belis Corona 55th Belis Corona [14]
Belisar Belisar 34th PDF Regiment [21]
Bifrost Bifrost Huscarls Bifrost 121st Regiment [Needs Citation]
Blitzen Heavy Armoured [21]
Borodian 14th Infantry Regiment [1]
Brimlock Brimlock Dragoons Brimlock 4th Dragoons Regiment [7c][13]
Brimlock 8th Dragoons Regiment [8]
Brimlock 17th Dragoons Regiment [12]
Brimlock 19th Dragoons Regiment [12]
Britan Britan 79th Armoured Reconnaissance Regiment [21]
Bront Brontian Longknives 5th Brontian Longknives [Needs Citation]


Homeworld Army/Division Regiment Source(s)
Cadia Heavy Tank Companies Cadian 12th Heavy Tank Company [8]
Heavy Tank Regiments Cadian 3rd Heavy Tank Regiment [8]
Cadian 8th Heavy Tank Regiment [8]
Heavy AA Regiments Cadian 77th Heavy AA Regiment [21]
Armoured Regiments Cadian 9th Armoured Regiment [21]
Cadian 13th Armoured Regiment [8]
Cadian 31st Armoured Regiment [8]
Cadian 74th Armoured Regiment [8]
Cadian 98th Armoured Regiment [8]
Cadian 142nd Armoured Regiment [8]
Cadian 212th Armoured Regiment [8]
Mechanised Infantry Cadian 113th Mechanised Infantry [8]
Cadian 114th Mechanised Infantry [7]
Cadian Shock Troopers[8][26][12] Cadian 3rd Shock Troops Regiment [21]
Cadian 8th Shock Troops Regiment [7][8]
Cadian 9th Shock Troops Regiment [4]
Cadian 23rd Shock Troops Regiment [26]
Cadian 24th Shock Troops Regiment [20]
Cadian 39th Shock Troops Regiment "Xenobane" [7]
Cadian 85th Shock Troops Regiment [7]
Cadian 107th Shock Troops Regiment [21]
Cadian 110th Shock Troops Regiment [7]
Cadian 122nd Shock Troops Regiment [8][12]
126th Cadian Shock Troops Regiment [33a]
Cadian 180th Shock Troops Regiment [7]
Cadian 266th Shock Troops Regiment [Needs Citation]
Cadian 411th Shock Troops Regiment [12]
Cadian 412th Shock Troops Regiment [12]
Cadian 417th Shock Troops Regiment [12]
Cadian 450th Shock Troops Regiment [7]
Cadian 512th Shock Troops Regiment [7]
Cadian 648th Shock Troops Regiment [47b]
Cadian 840th Shock Troops Regiment [21]
Calasi IV Calasin 13th Infantry Regiment "Wraiths" [Needs Citation]
Calth 5th Calth Infantry Regiment [17]
6th Canadal [16]
9th Cardosian [4]
7th Cartigian [15]
Calderon Calderon Rifles [Needs Citation]
Catachan Catachan Jungle Fighters Catachan 2nd Jungle Fighters Regiment "Catachan Devils" [15]
Catachan 3rd Jungle Fighters Regiment "Green Devils" [15]
Catachan 4th Jungle Fighters Regiment [4]
Catachan 5th Jungle Fighters Regiment [4]
Catachan 6th Jungle Fighters Regiment [4]
Catachan 11th Jungle Fighters Regiment [14]
Catachan 12th Jungle Fighters Regiment [4][21]
Catachan 14th Jungle Fighters Regiment [7d]
Catachan 17th Jungle Fighters Regiment "Screaming Devils" [7e]
Catachan 18th Jungle Fighters Regiment "Swamprats" [8][15]
Catachan 19th Jungle Fighters Regiment "Scorpion Fangs" [8]
Catachan 23rd Jungle Fighters Regiment [15]
Catachan 24th Jungle Fighters Regiment "Waiting Death" [7e]
Catachan 51st Jungle Fighters Regiment "Black Vipers" [29a]
Catachan 146th Jungle Fighters Regiment "Red Cobras" [8]
Catachan 391st Jungle Fighters Regiment "Coiling Cobras" [4][7e][21]
Catachan 1014th Jungle Fighters Regiment "Unseen Lurkers" [29b]
Chaemos Chaemosian Royal Guard
Corona Coronan 51st Grenadiers [7c]
Cthonia Cthonian 2nd Armoured Regiment [8]
Cthonian 26th Armoured Cavalry Squadron [21]
Cromaryn Cromaryn 898th Regiment [7e]


Homeworld Army/Division Regiment Source(s)
Darillia Darillian 17th Regiment [Needs Citation]
Deneb Deneb 5th Armoured Regiment [8]
Dernhelm Dernhelm 9th Regiment [21]
Descaal Descaal Lancers 29th Lancers [Needs Citation]
Desednia Desedniain 2nd Regiment [7e]
Desert Devils 153rd Regiment [21]
Devash 3rd Devash [18]
Diepr 3 Dieprian Mountain Men [7]
Dniepr 9th Dniepr Tank Corp [8]
Domman 14th Dommon Infantry Regiment [1]
Donia Donian Army [Needs Citation]
Drook VI Drookian Fen Guard [Needs Citation]


Homeworld Army/Division Regiment Source(s)
Elitor Magna Elitor Heavy Support [18]
Elysia Elysian Drop Troops Elysian 9th Drop Troops Regiment [Needs Citation]
Elysian 12th Drop Troops Regiment [7b]
Elysian 15th Drop Troops Regiment [Needs Citation]
Elysian 22nd Drop Troops Regiment [Needs Citation]
Elysian 23rd Drop Troops Regiment [Needs Citation]
Elysian 41st Drop troops Regiment "Angel Guard" [21]
Elysian 64th Drop Troops Regiment [Needs Citation]
Detachment D-99 - 99th Elysian Drop Troops Regiment, D company special operations [Needs Citation]


Homeworld Army/Division Regiment Source(s)
Finreht Three-Seven Finreht Highlanders 37th Finreht Highlanders Regiment [21]
81st Finreht Highlanders Regiment [21]
122nd Finreht Highlanders Regiment [Needs Citation]
451st Finreht Highlanders Regiment [21]
Fellesia Fellesian Airborne 5th Airborne Regiment
23rd Auxiliary Airborne Regiment
[Needs Citation]
Flotte Flotte Coloniale 21st Regiment [21]
Fornus Lix Fornus Lix Fire Drakes [4a]
Framlingham Framlingham Rifles [21]
Fremas Fremas 34th Regiment [21]
Fremas 46th Regiment [21]
Fremas 99th Regiment [21]


Homeworld Army/Division Regiment Source(s)
Gathalamor Gathalamor Heavy Grenadiers [Needs Citation]
Gudrun[19] Gudrunite Rifles[19] Gudrunite 50th Rifles [19]
Gudrunite 335th Rifles [21]
Gryphonne IV Gryphonne IV Regiment [4a]


Homeworld Army/Division Regiment Source(s)
Hadleys Hope Hadleys Hope 11th Rifle Regiment [21]
Hammeront Hammeront Armoured Siege Units Hammeront IV Codex: Imperial Guard (5th Edition) pg.23
Harakon Harakoni Warhawks Harakoni 31st Warhawks "Helldivers" [7c]
Hasdrubel Hasdrubel 5th [30]
Heidrun Heidrun 43rd/65th Regiment [21]
Hyrkan Hyrkan Regiments Hyrkan 6th Regiment [18]
Hyrkan 8th Regiment [18]


Homeworld Army/Division Regiment Source(s)
Ivinia 43rd Ivinia Regiment [1]


Homeworld Army/Division Regiment Source(s)
Jant Normanidus Jantine Patricians [Needs Citation]
Jenen Ironclads (Traitor) [6]
Jopall Jopall Indentured Squadrons [Needs Citation]
Jouran Jouran Dragoons 23rd Jouran Dragoon Regiment [Needs Citation]
29th Jouran Dragoon Regiment [Needs Citation]
30th Jouran Dragoon Regiment [Needs Citation]
39th Jouran Dragoon Regiment [Needs Citation]
87th Jouran Dragoon Regiment [Needs Citation]
103rd Jouran Dragoon Regiment [Needs Citation]
112th Jouran Dragoon Regiment [Needs Citation]
327th Jouran Dragoon Regiment [Needs Citation]
383rd Jouran Dragoon Regiment [Needs Citation]
Jumael IV[27] Jumael 1st Regiment "Lucky Aces" [7]
Jumael Volunteers 14th Jumael Volunteers [27]


Homeworld Army/Division Regiment Source(s)
Kado Kado 11th Regiment [7e]
Kaledon Kaledon Hunters [39]
Kallistan 1st Kallistan Rifles [7]
Kanak Kanak Skull Takers [Needs Citation]
Kantael Kantael Light Infantry [21]
Kaurava 252nd Conservator Regiment [Needs Citation]
Kellersburg Kellersburg Irregulars Kellersburg 1st Irregular Regiment [21]
Kellersburg 2nd Irregular Regiment [21]
Kellersburg 6th Irregular Regiment [21]
Kellersburg 7th Irregular Regiment [21]
Ketzok Ketzok 18th [18]
Ketzok 21st [18]
Ketzok 22nd [18]
Kirvan Kirvan Light Auxiliaries [18]
Knovia Knovian Gharkas [21]
Kolstec Kolstec 477th Light Support [18]
Konig Konig 9th Heavy Tank Company [8]
Konig 27th Armoured Regiment [8]
Kovnia Kovnian 1st Armoured Regiment "The Black Nights" [8]
Krieg Death Riders of Krieg [Needs Citation]
Death Korps of Krieg Krieg 1st Armoured Regiment [8]
Krieg 2nd Armoured Regiment [8]
Krieg 18th Armoured Regiment [8]
Krieg 19th Armoured Regiment
Krieg 21st Armoured Regiment [8]
Krieg 22nd Armoured Regiment [8]
Krieg 28th Armoured Regiment [8]
Krieg 76th Armoured Regiment [8]
Krieg 127th Death Korps of Krieg Regiment [16]
Krieg 1st Heavy Tank Company [8]
Krieg 13th Heavy Tank Company [8]
Krieg 33rd Infantry Regiment [Needs Citation]
Krieg 101st Infantry Regiment [Needs Citation]
Krieg 23rd Mechanised Infantry Regiment [8][23]
Krieg 3rd Siege Artillery Regiment [31]
Krieg 4th Siege Artillery Regiment [31]
Krieg 8th Siege Artillery Regiment [31]
Krieg 19th Siege Artillery Regiment [31]
Krieg 22nd Siege Artillery Regiment [31]
Krieg 23rd Siege Artillery Regiment [31]
Krieg 231st Siege Artillery Regiment [31]
Krieg 497th Siege Artillery Regiment [31]
Krieg 3rd Siege Regiment [31]
Krieg 5th Siege Regiment [31]
Krieg 15th Siege Regiment [31]
Krieg 19th Siege Regiment [31]
Krieg 101st Siege Regiment [31]
Krieg 138th Siege Regiment [44c]
Krieg 143rd Siege Regiment [31]
Krieg 149th Siege Regiment [31]
Krieg 150th Siege Regiment [31]
Krieg 158th Siege Regiment [31]
Krieg 179th Siege Regiment [31]
Krieg 261st Siege Regiment [31]
Krieg 262nd Siege Regiment [31]
Krieg 263rd Siege Regiment [31]
Krieg 269th Siege Regiment [31]
Krieg 291st Siege Regiment [31]
Krieg 308th Siege Regiment [31]
Krieg 309th Siege Regiment [31]
Krieg 310th Siege Regiment [31]
Krieg 468th Siege Regiment [32]
Krieg 469th Siege Regiment [32]
Krieg 470th Siege Regiment [32]
Krieg 7th Tank Regiment [31]
Krieg 11th Tank Regiment [31]
Krieg 14th Tank Regiment [31]
Krieg 61st Tank Regiment [31]
Krieg 66th Tank Regiment [31]
Kroshin Kroshin Grenadiers [9]
Krourk Krourk Ogryn Auxilia [Needs Citation]
Kronus Kronus 1st Liberators [47]


Homeworld Army/Division Regiment Source(s)
Last Reach Last Reach Regiments [4b]
Carthage Major Latarii Gundogs [18]
Lelithar Lelithar Planetary Defence Forces [21]
Lexxia Lexxian 9th Regiment "Sawtooths" [4c]
Logres Logres Regiment [4a]
Lorentian IV Lorentian Regiment [4b]
Lostock 23rd [Needs Citation]
Luggnum Luggnum Sewer Rats Luggnum 3rd Light Infantry [44a][44b]


Homeworld Army/Division Regiment Source(s)
Maccabeus Quintus Maccabian Janissaries 5th Maccabian "Drusus's Own" [Needs Citation]
16th Maccabian "Janissaries" [Needs Citation]
1322nd Maccabian Janissaries [Needs Citation]
Madien 24th Mechanised Infantry Regiment [Needs Citation]
Magdellan 6th Armoured Regiment [8]
Manninen Manninen Rangers 12th Manninen Rangers Regiment
Mariner Mariner 18th "Panthers" [18]
Mershan Mershan 45th [18]
Methusela Methuselan 12th Mechanised Infantry [21]
Minerva Minervan Tank Legions 10th Minervan Tank Legion [42]
217th Minervan Tank Legion [41]
Mnenom 2nd Mnenomite [18]
Moloch Moloch 182nd Rifles [7c]
Monglor Monglor Ogryn Auxilia [Needs Citation]
Moradia Moradia 23rd Infantry Regiment [1]
Morbidia Morbidian Skull Takers [4a]
Mordant Prime Mordant Acid Dogs Mordant 13th Acid Dogs Regiment "Lucky 13s" [21]
Mordant 303rd Acid Dogs Regiment [21]
Mordian Mordian Iron Guard Mordian 2nd Iron Guard Regiment [7d]
Mordian 3rd Iron Guard Regiment [29]
Mordian 10th Iron Guard Regiment [21]
Mordian 11th Iron Guard Regiment [18]
Mordian 21st Iron Guard Regiment [8]
Mordian 26th Iron Guard Regiment [33a]
Mordian 56th Iron Guard Regiment [7e]
Mordian 211th Iron Guard Mechanised Regiment [7e]
Mordian 16th Armoured Regiment [8]
Mordian 84th Armoured Regiment [8]
Mordian 3rd Heavy Tank Company [8]
Mordion Mordion 7th Infantry Regiment [1]
Mortant Mortant 7th Regiment "Headhunters" [7][8]
Mortant 11th Armoured Regiment [8]
Mortant 113th Armoured Regiment [8]
Mortessa Mortessan Highlanders 14th Mortessan Highlanders [Needs Citation]


Homeworld Army/Division Regiment Source(s)
Naga 22nd Naga Air Defence Squadron [30]
Narmenia Narmenian Armoured 1st Narmenian Armoured [18]
2nd Narmenian Heavy [18]
Narmenian 3rd [18]
Narsine Narsine Yeomanry [21]
Necromunda Necromundan 7th Infantry Regiment "Lucky Sevens" [37]
Necromunda 8th Infantry Regiment "The Spiders" [Needs Citation]
Necromunda 9th Infantry Regiment (24th Imperial Army Corps) [1]
Necromunda Twelfth Regiment [3]
Noctan Strike Forces [Needs Citation]


Homeworld Army/Division Regiment Source(s)
Ocanon Ocanan XV Infantry Regiment (Traitor) [29c]
Ocanon Phalanx Troops [5]
Omnicron Omicron Rangers [Needs Citation]
Ontanople Ontanople Pioneers [18]
Ontanople Rifles [18]
Orn's World Orn's World Militia [Needs Citation]
Orcallia Orcallian 35th Regiment [7e]
Terra 47th Expedition Fleet Ouranti Draks [48]


Homeworld Army/Division Regiment Source(s)
Pannonia Pannonia 5th Infantry Regiment [1]
Paladius Palladius 2nd Armoured Regiment [8]
Palladius 8th Armoured Regiment [8]
Palladius 46th Armoured Regiment [8]
Patria Fists of Lagus [7]
Petrostok Besiegers [12]
Phantine Phantine Air Corps [Needs Citation]
Phobos Phobos 16th Regiment [Needs Citation]
Phonosar Phonosar 23rd Recon Regiment [21]
Phonosar 24th Recon Regiment [21]
Phonosar 25th Recon Regiment [21]
Phonosar 26th Recon Regiment [21]
Phonosar 27th Recon Regiment [21]
Phonosar 28th Recon Regiment [21]
Phonosar 29th Recon Regiment [21]
Phonosar 30th Recon Regiment [21]
Phonosar 31st Recon Regiment [21]
Phonosar 32nd Recon Regiment [21]
Phonosar 33rd Recon Regiment [21]
Phonosar 34th Recon Regiment [21]
Phyressia Phyressian 14th Armoured Regiment [8]
Phyressian 42nd Armoured Regiment [8]
Phyressian 81st Armoured Regiment [8]
Phyruss Phyruss Regiment [4a]
11th Polladen [18]
Praetoria Praetorian Guard [4a][21]
Pragar Pragar 10th [18]
Pragar 13th [18]
Pragar 20th [18]
Pragar 45th Light [18]
Pyran Pyran Dragoons [Needs Citation]
Prospero 28th Expedition Fleet Prospero Spireguard [46]


Homeworld Army/Division Regiment Source(s)
Roane Deepers [Needs Citation]
Ritzos Ritzos 12th Regiment [21]
Riverine Riverine 31st Founding [35]


Homeworld Army/Division Regiment Source(s)
Sameter Sameter Infantry Sameter 9th Infantry [19]
Samothrace 4th Samothrace [18]
303rd Samothrace [18]
Sarenia Sarenian 5th Heavy Tank Company [8a]
Sarpoy 21st Sarpoy [18]
Savlar Savlar Chem Dogs Savlar 71st Chem Dogs Regiment [8]
Scintilla Scintillan Fusiliers 17th Scintillan Spireborn [Needs Citation]
Sebastin VI Defenders of Sebastin VI[4a] Sebastin 72nd Defenders [7b]
Semtexia Semtexian Bombardiers[5] Semtexian 34th Bombardiers Battery [b]
Sentrek Freemen (Traitor) [6]
Stalinvast Stalinvast Grenadiers [12]
St. Khorran St. Khorran 81st [18]
St. Khorran 88th [18]
Sturm Pioneers 352nd Regiment [21]


Homeworld Army/Division Regiment Source(s)
Tahnel Tahnelian Airbourne Tahnelian 374th Airbourne Regiment [12]
Tallarn Tallarn Desert Raiders Tallarn 12th Desert Raiders [7e]
Tallarn 35th Desert Raiders [44d]
Tallarn 89th Desert Raiders [7e]
Tanith Tanith First and Only [Needs Citation]
Tanith 2nd Light Infantry [Needs Citation]
Tanith 3rd Light Infantry [Needs Citation]
Tarsis Ultra Erebus Defense Legion [24]
Tekarn Tekarn Armoured Iron Fist Regiment [7]
Tekarn 11th Heavy Tank Company [8]
Tekarn 98th Armoured Regiment [8]
Terra Terran Praefects 5th Armored Terran Praefects [38]
Terrax Terrax Guard [Needs Citation]
Tharinga Tharinga 14th Infantry Regiment [1]
Thracia Thracian Guard Thracian 81st Guard Regiment [21]
Thracian 290th Guard Regiment [21]
Thracian 428th Guard Regiment [47a]
Thracian Primaris [19]
Thracian Fifth [19]
Teutonia Teutonian Armoured Regiment Teutonian 19th Heavy Tank Company [8]
Teutonian 121st Armoured Regiment [8]


Homeworld Army/Division Regiment Source(s)
Urdesh Urdeshi 4th (Light) [18]
Urdeshi 6th [18]
Urdeshi 7th Storm-Troop [18]
Urdeshi 10th [18]
Urdesh 33rd [18]
Utica IV Desert Foxes [7]


Homeworld Army/Division Regiment Source(s)
Valeria 22/4 Valeria Regiment (combined regiment) [1]
Valhalla Armoured Regiments Valhallan 8th Armoured Regiment [8]
Valhallan 14th Armoured Regiment [23]
Valhallan 28th Armoured Regiment [8]
Valhallan 58th Armoured Regiment [8]
Valhallan 193rd Armoured Regiment [8]
Valhallan Ice Warriors Valhallan 23rd Ice Warriors [7-p30]
Valhallan 54th Ice Warriors Regiment [21]
Valhallan 93rd Ice Warriors [7e]
Valhallan 222nd Ice Warriors [4d]
Valhallan 296th Ice Warriors [22]
Valhallan 301st Ice Warriors [22]
Valhallan 597th Ice Warriors [22]
Polar Guard Valhallan Polar Guard I [43]
Valhallan Polar Guard II [43]
Validius Royal Validians[36a] 14th Royal Validian [36b]
Valstadt Valstadt 13th Armoured Regiment [8]
Van De'Man's World Van De'Man's World 'Redbacks' 3rd Redbacks Regiment [21]
4th Redbacks Regiment [21]
5th Redbacks Regiment [21]
67th Redbacks Regiment [21]
104th Redbacks Regiment [21]
Vangri 7th Vangrian Royal Guard [13]
Vardan Vardan Rifles Vardan 722nd Rifles [27]
Vardan 831st Rifles [27]
Vardan 902nd Rifles [27]
Varolia Varolian 256th Armoured Regiment "The Ironsides" [8]
Varoli Secundus[40a] 254th Varolian Regiment "Steel Dogs" [Needs Citation]
Vastadt I Vastadt Regiment [4a]
Velluria Vellurian 12th Armoured Cavalry Regiment [8]
Vendoland Vendoland 101st Regiment [7c]
Ventan Ventan Heavy Infantry [33b]
Vintor Vintor 23rd Regiment [Needs Citation]
Vintor 823rd Regiment [29d]
Vitria 2nd Vitrian Mobile [18]
Vitrian 10th Armoured Brigade [18]
Vitrian Dragoons [Needs Citation]
Volg Volg 3rd [Needs Citation]
Volpone Royal Volpone Royal Volpone 50th "Bluebloods" [18]
Volscani Cataphracts (traitor) [Needs Citation]
Vorgarn Vorgarn 38th Regiment (rebelled) [1]
Vorgarn 42nd Regiment [1]
Vorradion Vorradion 3rd Regiment (rebelled) [1]
Vostroya Vostroyan Heavy Armoured 24th "Iron Bloods" [29]
Vostroyan Firstborn[9][12]
Vostroyan Firstborn IX Regiment [Needs Citation]
Vostroyan Firstborn XI Regiment [33a]
Vostroyan Firstborn XVI Regiment [29e]
Vostroyan Firstborn XXII Regiment [Needs Citation]
Vostroyan Firstborn XXVII Regiment [9]
Vostroyan Firstborn LXVIII Regiment [34]
Vostroyan Firstborn CCXLI Regiment [9]


Homeworld Army/Division Regiment Source(s)
Wrawbach 34th Wrawbach Heavy Infantry [18]
52nd Wrawbach Heavy Infantry 'Fighting Felids' [18]


Homeworld Army/Division Regiment Source(s)
Xenophon Xenophonian 5th Guard [12]


Homeworld Army/Division Regiment Source(s)
Yamnin Yamnin Volunteers [4a][7]


Homeworld Army/Division Regiment Source(s)
Zenonia Zenonian Free Companies [21]
Zouvan Zouvan Skirmishers [27]
Zuvenian Light Foot 35th Zuvenian Light Foot [27]


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