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List of sentient species

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This is a list of sentient species known to exist (or have existed) in the universe of Warhammer 40,000.

Note that the use of 'species' is much broader than the dictionary definition. In this article, 'species' distinction includes lesser definitions, such as sub-species.

Eldar species

Human species

Necron forces

Orkoid species

Orkoid species

Tau Empire species

Tyranid species

Tyranid species

Warp entities

Warp entities

Other species

Unnamed Species

Unnamed Xenos Sentient Species
Place of Encounter Time of Encounter Description of Xenorace Forces of the Imperium Outcome of Encounter Source
Tyrama Secundus, Tyrama Secundus Campaign 964.M41 Underwater race living in the dark oceans in a cyclopean fane-cities. Began enslaving the Human population, dragging millions to a water demise. Inquisitor Gruberman of the Ordo Xenos, alongside the Subjugators Chapter and the Deathwatch Extinction of the xenos Imperial Armour Volume Two - Second Edition, pg. 22

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