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Little Horus (Short Story)

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Little Horus
Author Dan Abnett
Publisher Black Library
Series Horus Heresy Series
Collected in Age of Darkness

Cover Description

'Little' Horus Aximand is uneasy about the direction that the Sons of Horus have taken. As he leads the Warmaster's forces in their attempt to bring the mausoleums of Dwell under their sway, he faces his own doubts, the planet's natives... and Space Marines of the Iron Hands. As battle rages with his erstwhile brothers, Little Horus faces a challenge that will change his life forever, if it doesn't end it altogether.


'Little' Horus Aximand, 5th Captain of the Sons of Horus, suffers disturbing dreams as his Legion prosecutes Horus's war in the wake of the Dropsite Massacre. Desiring to rebuild the Mournival, he discusses replacement members with Ezekyle Abaddon and they decide to add Falkus Kibre and Grael Noctua to the group, despite Kibre being Abaddon's lackey and Noctua only being a sergeant. The Sons of Horus move against Dwell, an Imperial world containing a network that preserves the knowledge and memories of the dead. Little Horus is tasked with taking this mausoleum and allows Grael Noctua to help him plan the assault. They are opposed by a miss-match of loyalist forces led by Iron Hands captain Shadrak Meduson who has come to the aid of Dwell's defenders, which includes a White Scars kill-team led by Hibou Khan. Pior to the assault Aximand dreams that someone from his past is slowly approaching him, though all he can hear is their breathing. During the battle Fifth Company take the mausoleum and Aximand enters its main chamber to see one of his men butchered on the floor, and comes under attack by Shadrak Meduson's second-in-command Bion Henricos. Henricos bests Aximand in a duel, but he is saved by another of his men who sacrifices himself so Aximand can mortally wound the Iron Warrior. Dying, Henricos reveals that the mausoleum was a trap intended for Horus. Distracted by the sound of breathing, Aximand is almost killed when statues in the centre of the room come to life, revealed as the White Scars kill-team in disguise. Aximand breaks Hibou Khan's blade as reinforcements from both sides arrive and a firefight erupts, but Hibou picks up Henricos's fallen sword and cuts off the front of Aximand's helmet, taking his face with it. After the Sons of Horus win the battle Aximand's face is reattached and the figure in his dreams in revealed to be Garviel Loken. Aximand is relieved, as he is certain that Loken is dead.



  • Horus - Warmaster, Primarch of the Sons of Horus legion.
  • Horus Aximand - Captain of the 5th Company, Sons of Horus as well as a member of the Mournival.
  • Ezekyle Abaddon - First Captain of the Sons of Horus, member of the Mournival.
  • Lev Goshen - Captain of the 25th Company, Sons of Horus.
  • Grael Noctua - Sergeant, 25th Company, Warlocked Squad.
  • Yade Durso - Captain, second of that rank in the 5th Company, Sons of Horus.
  • Gaspir Yunkwist - Sergeant, Metallun Reaver Squad.
  • Xachery Scipon - Astartes, Metallun Reaver Squad.
  • Zeb Zenonius - Unknown rank, Bale Tactical Squad.
  • Mir Amindaza - Unknown rank, Tithonius Assault Squad.
  • Ger Geraddon - Unknown rank, Tithonius Assault Squad.
  • Bion Henricos - Lieutenant, Sorrgol Clan of the Iron Hands legion.
  • Hibou Khan - Unknown rank, White Scars legion.