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Lo Chang

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Lo Chang is a Chaplain of the Imperial Fists. Lo Chang's face bears crater-like scars from when his helmet failed him in battle. The scars themselves are severe and resemble the craters on the surface of the moon.[1a]


Details concerning Lo Chang's rank and company attachment are not explicitly stated, but he appeared beside Chapter Master Pugh and First Captain Lysander to administer the oath to the God-Emperor to neophyte Scouts, which implies that he is the Chapter's Master of Sanctity.[2] Similarly, he lectures to neophytes on the subjects of Rogal Dorn, Imperial History, and the history and culture of the Chapter.[1a]

When preaching, Chaplain Lo Chang is often swept away in ecstasy and is capable of inspiring battle-brothers to ever-greater deeds and to embody true sons of Dorn evermore.[3]


  • “We of the Adeptus Astartes shun genetic deviants, do we not? For the mutant is the melter of Mankind into misshapenness! Whereas we are Mankind Plus, the perfected ideal, are we not?"[1b]
  • "Oh Dorn, dawn of our being, be with us, illuminate us."[2]
  • "Let Dorn’s light flush away the deathly darkness.”[1c]

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