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Logos Historica Verita

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The Logos Historica Verita is a new governmental department of Roboute Guilliman's reformed Imperium. Roboute Guilliman awoke in late M41 to find that the Imperium's 10,000 year history was catalogued in an extremely unreliable, secretive, and often contradictory fashion. He created the Logos as a means to rectify this problem and create the first true reliable history of the Imperium.[1]

The Logos is made up of hundreds of skilled scholars and historians, hand-picked by Guilliman, and chosen for their more liberal views of historiography. The Logos' objectives and policies stand in stark contrast to the Ordo Chronos, which has turned to violence in response to Guilliman's reformations.[1]

As of ~100.M42, the Logos is estimated to operate around 500 men and women.[1]