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Lord of Skulls

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Lord of Skulls[1]

The Lord of Skulls is a gigantic Daemon Engine of Khorne. Wrought only by the most skilled Warpsmiths with the bound spirit of a Bloodthirster[3], the engines of this towering contraption are powered by the boiling blood of murderers. Lords of Skulls are built in hell forges with the sole purpose of annihilating its enemies.[1]

Lords of Skulls are armed with a variety of heavy weapons, such as a gigantic Great Cleaver of Khorne mounted on its right arm and a Skullhurler or Hades Gatling Gun on its left. Long-range weapons include a chest-mounted Ichor Cannon, Daemongore Cannon, or Gorestorm Cannon.[2]

Known Named Lords of Skulls