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Black Library Weekender (Anthology)

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Volume One
Volume Two

The Black Library Weekender Anthology is a two-volume anthology of short stories, released exclusively at Black Library's Weekender event on November 3 and 4, 2012.[1]

Lost Sons

by James Swallow

Five years have passed since Sanguinius and the majority of the Blood Angels Legion departed for the Signus Cluster, on the Warmaster's order. Since then, the Horus Heresy has been revealed and is sweeping across the galaxy.

Twenty Blood Angels stand guard on Baal, desperate for news of their brothers, but all travel and communication with the Signus system has been blocked by the malignant ruinstorm between the two systems.

Warden Arkad is surprised by the arrival of Tylos Rubio, an agent of the Sigillite, bearing an unfortunate message: with their Primarch and the majority of their Legion lost and presumed dead, the Sigillite has ordered the Blood Angels disbanded, and their fleet and armoury distributed to other loyalist factions. Arkad and his brothers are outraged, protesting that the Legion can be rebuilt as long as a single Battle-brother lives. Rubio says the Imperium does not have the time; in these times of civil war, they cannot risk the Legion's assets being seized by the Traitors.

Rubio, empathizing with the Blood Angels' pain over his own exile from the Ultramarines, explains that a new organization is being formed to counter the powers that Horus Lupercal has allied with, and that it will need the support of a new Legion. Rubio offers them a new role as Malcador's agents, but the Blood Angels decline. Instead, Arkad and the others prepare to depart Baal, on a suicidal mission to either find their primarch or carry the fight directly to Horus. When Rubio tries to stop them, Arkad is fully prepared to strike him down - then the Legion's master of Astropaths rushes out to the landing pad, bearing a scrap of a message sent by Raldoron from the Signus system: Sanguinius still lives, and the Legion is wounded, but not destroyed. Arkad orders Rubio to depart Baal and return to Malcador empty-handed. Rubio is only too happy to do so.



Know Thyself

by Andy Smillie

Inquisitor Corvin Herrold boards the flagship of the Flesh Tearers, seeking an audience with Chapter Master Gabriel Seth, and ends up in greater danger than he could ever have imagined.

Officially, Herrold is seeking to question Seth about the recent events at Honour's End, including a bloody confrontation with the Space Wolves. But the man who meets with Seth is a decoy, and the real Herrold infiltrates the ship, seeking proof of the Ordo Hereticus's long-held suspicions about the Flesh Tearers. He believes himself vindicated when he finds a Marine chained to the wall in the bowels of the ship, having recently succumbed to the Black Rage. Then Herrold is surprised and knocked out by Chaplain Appollus, while his retinue are slaughtered by the other Flesh Tearers.

When Herrold regains consciousness, he is given a harsh object lesson by Seth: Librarian Balthiel creates a mind-link with the recently-fallen Brother, and Herrold is exposed to the full measure of the Black Rage; even a few moments' exposure is almost enough to break his mind. Seth tells the Inquisitor that this is the daemon the Flesh Tearers wrestle with every day, the daemon that, at best, they are able to harness and use as a weapon against the Emperor's enemies, and, at worst, steals away their lives and their sanity as they continue to serve the Imperium. What right does a worm like Herrold have to accuse them of heresy?

Departing the Victus, alone, Herrold removes his rosette and drops it on the floor; he has decided his Inquisitorial career is over, no longer having any faith in his own judgments.




by John French

A lone Grey Knight, Istafel, is sent on a desperate and suicidal mission to banish a powerful daemon. But as he approaches the Crucible rift, he realises that all is not as it seems.



The Smallest Detail

by Sandy Mitchell

The 'simple task' Jurgen is sent on by Ciaphas Cain proves to be nothing of the kind... just how much will the aide tell his master about what really happened?



The Divine Word

by Gav Thorpe

Beset by disturbing dreams and in the midst of a brutal war, will Marcus Valerius find salvation in the so-called holy truths of the Lectitio Divinitatus?



Old Scars

by George Mann

Battling greenskins on a deadly world, Brazen Minotaurs Captain Daed is torn between his thirst for revenge and the fulfillment of his mission.



Signal to Noise

by C.Z. Dunn

A message from the dawn of the Imperium brings Sister Dialogus Agentha into conflict with the Black Templars, even as eldar raiders plot their destruction.



Shadow Play

by Rob Sanders

Inquisitor Czevak emerges from a Webway Gate on an unknown world and prepares to seal the gate behind him with Melta Bombs. Before he can do so, he is captured by a Dark Eldar raiding party, gathering slaves and feral beasts for the gladiatorial arenas back on Commorragh. Czevak is thrown into a stockade, stripped of his bombs, his Harlequin coat, and the Atlas Infernal.

In the stockade, Czevak recognizes one of the other human captives as a cultist belonging to one of the many cults that serve Czevak's nemesis, Ahriman. The cultist is elated to recognize Czevak, but the Inquisitor calmly informs him that he altered the records on the last library world Ahriman raided, which means the Sorcerer is unlikely to find his way to them.

Both of the captives are dragged in front of the party's leader, Lelith Hesperax herself. But Lelith is nonplussed to find that Czevak is not the usual "mon-keigh" she is used to torturing. For every knife she lifts from her private table, Czevak calmly identifies the poison lacing the blade by scent, and informs her that he knows, and has already taken, the antidote.

Lelith is getting increasingly aggravated, even as her warriors rush in and tell them that something dark is lurking in the jungle outside her tent, snatching her soldiers at will and getting stronger by the moment. Lelith's Succubus aide flies into a panic and scratches her mistress with another blade before dying. The blade carried a poison that Lelith does not know the antidote for - though Czevak does. She is forced to release him, and then flee the planet as soon as he tells her exactly where to find the antidote and how to prepare it.

Czevak gathers up his coat, his bombs, and the Atlas, casually informing the cultist that Ahriman is clever enough to have seen through Czevak's tampering, given enough time, and should be reaching the planet eventually. By then, however, the Webway gate will have been destroyed - with Czevak on the other side, of course.

Czevak sets his bombs and prepares to step through the gate, comfortably in the same place he's always been - one step ahead of his many enemies.


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