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Macro cannon

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Aquilla Macro-cannon battery[3]
Row of Macrocannons mounted on an Imperial Navy starship

The macro cannon are a type of Macroweapon and the largest form of auto-weaponry, much heavier even than the autocannon. Standard ground-based Macrocannons fire massive and explosive shells at a maximum range of around 40 km. Although it is possible to mount them on heavy vehicles, they are more suited for use in emplacements and static defence due to their considerable size and potency.[1]

They are a Standard Template Construct, and often form the primary weapon of starships.[2]

Known Patterns

  • Aquilla Macro-Cannon - Heavy ground-based defensive battery.[3]
  • Stygis-pattern Macrocanon: Fires heavy shells that contain an adamantium core that cuts through the heaviest armor.[4]
  • Disruption Macrocannon: Fires a shell of highly charged, ionized deuterium atoms. They cause minimal physical damage to their targets, instead they overload and shut down electronic systems throughout the vessel. They are useful for capturing prey intact.[4]
  • Hecutor Plasma Macrocannon: An ancient variant of the plasma macroweaponry that refocuses the power of the plasma blast, concentrating it into photonic packets that can be fired over long distances. They are equipped to only the oldest vessels, and as a result many are found on Chaos Space Marine ships lost to many millennia ago.[4]