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Magdelon Incursion

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The Magdelon Incursion began in 712.M41, when a Warband of the Bleak Brotherhood made a compact with a Daemon to secure its aid for their coming wars. The Daemon's price however, was the casting down of the Crystal City on the Imperium world Magdelon; a price the Bleak Brotherhood readily agreed to. When they attacked the Crystal City though, the Warband attracted the attention of the Space Wolves Chapter and the two sides soon clashed admidst the City's shattered ruins. Disaster struck however, when their battle was so pleasing to the denizens of the Warp that a major Daemonic incursion on Magdelon was triggered.[1]

Despite the Daemons sudden appearance though, Ragnar Blackmane led the Space Wolves to victory against the forces of Chaos and the survivors of the Bleak Brotherhood fled to the Imperium world Lycanthos Secundus. There the Warband seized the mighty bastion known as the Widowmaker and held out against repeated assaults by Imperial forces for three decades. The Warband's end finally came, when they fell to an attack from the Astral Claws Chapter in 780.M41.[2]