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Maktlan Kutlakh

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Maktlan Kutlakh, known as the World Killer, is a Necron Lord of the Maynarkh Dynasty.[1]


During the ancient wars and conquests of the Necrontyr, Kutlakh was regarded as among the most cruel Nemesors who took pleasure in humiliating enemy champions and generals be they rival Dynasty Lords or Old Ones. A warrior above all else, Kutlakh cared little for Necron court politics and focused solely on military matters, rising to become the Supreme Commander of the Maynarkh forces. However since the revolt against the C'tan, some terrible force has haunted Kutlakh that has tainted him. Supposedly the curse of The Flayer, his triumphs became empty ashes and he began to lose his sanity.[1a]

When he awoke from the Great Sleep, the once-proud general had become a nightmarish near-silent monster. His mind is driven only by a desire to destroy the living.[1a]

In battle, Kutlakh is armed with the Obsidax Blade, an ancient midnight-black Hyperphase Sword historically carried by the greatest Maynarkh Generals.[1a]