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The Manifold is the hard-plug equivalent of the Noosphere accessed through the Mind Impulse Units used by Imperial Titans. An immersive and interactive sensory space it is through the Manifold that Princeps and to a lesser degree the Moderati crew can comprehend their war engines and realise the surrounding environment, essentially become one with the Titan. For example, a princep will feel the patter of rain on their Titan's hull as if it were their own skin and the dull throb of the plasma reactor within their own belly.[1a] The world outside is perceived in a full 360° view through a wealth of sensory data, though during combat these are often paired down to the four essentials of detecting heat, motion, mass and code activity.[3b] The use of a hard-plug equivalent is necessary since the more subtle haptic and noospheric links are considered too easily compromised or damaged for controlling the Titan in the midst of combat.[1a]