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2drones.gif This article is about the Dark Apostle; for the Imperial Confessor, see Marduk (Imperial).
Dark Apostle Marduk

Marduk of the Word Bearers Legion was a former first acolyte to Jarulek, later becoming a Dark Apostle upon his master’s death.



Born on Colchis, Marduk was inducted into the Word Bearers shortly before the Horus Heresy. He became a member of the internal sect known as The Brotherhood and took part in the Second Purge against Terran Astartes. During the Heresy, Marduk served under Jarulek.[2]


Blessed with visions from the Chaos Gods, Marduk (along with his long-time rival Kol Badar) served under Jarulek as part of the 34th Host's the conquering of the planet Tanakreg and the enslaving of the population into creating an immense Gehemehnet. After fending off the combined forces of both the Imperial Guard and the Adeptus Mechanicus, the unholy construct shattered the crust of the planet exposing a dormant Necron Monolith.

He accompanied Jarulek deep into the tomb to recover the Nexus Arrangement; a powerful artifact capable of creating Warp Storms able to isolate entire systems. Once at the centre of the tomb Jarulek tried to kill his apprentice to fulfill his own prophecy, but as the two fought, he himself was slain by the re-awakening Necron Lord. Marduk made his escape with the artifact and his master’s Accursed Crozius. Now in command of the 34th Host, Marduk battled Tyranids and Dark Eldar in the search of the deadly artifact.[3]

Marduk returned to Sicarus with the Nexus Arrangement in hand, gaining fame among the Dark Council and being properly anointed as a Dark Apostle. He was later assigned by Erebus to take part in Ekodas' and Ashkanez's offensive towards the Boros Gate, but engineered his overseers destruction at the hands of the Grey Knights. Marduk also uncovered a conspiracy by Kor Phaeron against Erebus, and this allowed him to finally gain the favor of the powerful Grand Apostle. With Ekodas dead, Marduk was made a member of the Dark Council.[2]

Weapons and Abilities

Marduk has proven to be highly favoured by the Gods of Chaos, and on multiple occasions has demonstrated the ability to summon daemons directly from the warp to aid him in battle, without requiring the extensive rituals of preparation and sacrifices usually needed for summoning's to occur.[1] He is also armed with the Daemon weapon Borhg'ash; an archaic Chainsword which feeds on the blood of those it strikes.