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Big Toof River Massacre

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The Big Toof River Massacre took place in 987.M41


The battle began when an Ork Space Hulk entered the Montar System, releasing a massive Waaagh! led by Warboss Bullgarg. Claiming the world of Montar VII, the nearby Governor Kinwa urgently requested aid which was answered in the form of Praetorian Guard Imperial Guard under the command of Lord Commander Sherdan. However only the XXIVth Regiment, heavily depleted from battles against the Dark Eldar, was available. As a result the young Captain Gliene was the only senior officer alive.[2]

Nonetheless, the Praetorians and Tallarn Rough Rider units soon landed on Montar VII under the command of the Tallarn Colonel Al'Ter-Ay. Al'Ter-Ay refused to use the Blood Axe Ork mercenaries offered by Captain Gliene, instead splitting his forces into three parts and moving on the Ork stronghold on Big Toof River. Due to poor communications and mismanagement for his forces, Imperials crossed the river too early and fell into a massive Ork ambush which was backed by heavy armor. Worse for the Guardsmen, Gargants thought to previously only be under construction were revealed to be operational, and they soon marched alongside massive Battlefortresses and aircraft. After the loss of Captain Kaz-Ter, panic set in among the Imperials.[1][2]

As the Imperials attempted to escape Big Toof River, they found their retreat blocked by its steep banks. Ork Snakebite Boarboyz rolled up into the retreating Imperial rear, compounding the disaster. Within 3 minutes, 85% of the Imperial force was dead. Imperial Praetorians overlooking the river suffered a similar ambush. The Praetorians gathered in a tight formation, using disciplined Lasgun fire and Chimeras to reap a holy toll on the Orks. The Praetorians fought to the last, and Colonel Al'Ter-Ay was forced to retreat. Fortunately for the Colonel the Orks were too busy celebrating their victory and did not pursue.[1][2]

While the Montar System was lost, it was eventually reclaimed after Warboss Bullgarg's Space Hulk was lost in the Warp.[2]