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Massimo Ricci

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Massimo Ricci was an Imperial inquisitor in the Helican Ordo Xenos during the fourth century M41. He was one of Lord Inquisitor Rorken's most valued subordinates, and before his death was considered a likely successor to Rorken's position as a Master of the Ordo Xenos.


This page contains spoilers for: Malleus (Novel)

Ricci was sent by Lord Rorken to Thessalon, a feudal world in the Helican subsector, to secretly meet with the outlaw inquisitor Gregor Eisenhorn in 343.M41. Eisenhorn had previously written to Rorken requesting assistance in his venture to hunt down and kill the heretic inquisitor Quixos to clear his own name, but for political reasons Rorken was forced to send Ricci in his stead.

A group consisting of inquisitors Commodus Voke, Raum Grumman, Titus Endor, and Eisenhorn tracked Quixos to Farness Beta and engaged his forces. During the assault on Quixos' mountain stronghold of Ferell Sidor, Ricci, Eisenhorn, and Grumman engaged Quixos in combat, during which both Grumman and Ricci were slain. Eisenhorn subsequently killed Quixos in close combat.


A library on Ricci's homeworld Hesperus was posthumously named in his honour.

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